Folks In This Online Group Point Out 40 Obvious Lies People Actually Fell For

Words being able to affect a person physically is an old, yet effective literary tool solely used in fiction. We all know it doesn’t actually cause physical pain, but drama!

But words can actually cause physical pain to a person, if it’s the right combination of them, of course. And the combination has to be a particular shade of stupid—so stupid, in fact, that it makes you put your hand on your face, which is the universal sign of “please reconsider many things in your life”.

What makes it even worse is not the stupid thing someone said, but a person actually believing the stupid thing that was said. And there is actually now a very appropriate list for that, because entertainment!

Bored Panda collected the best responses to an AskReddit post asking folks to share the dumbest things people actually thought were real, and put them into a neat little list below. And by this point you know what to do, so do it, and enjoy it.

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#1 "So, It's, Like, Just Your Opinion, Man"

That everyones opinion has to carry the same weight as the one of someone who is proficient on a field and has dedicated hundreds of hours to obtain it.

Image credits: locky_

#2 5G Is The Bane Of All Existence

I was told a great story by a friend who attended a town meeting addressing the locals 5G mast concerns.

In attendance was a representative from the network company.

A selection of people were permitted to take the mic and rant for hours about how they'd all been getting headaches, feeling more low than usual, flowers had been wilting, their dog wasn't himself, all manner of things blamed on 5G.

Several hours later after everyone had their say and the crowd of hundreds had been whipped into a fever the company representative had his turn to speak and simply said "thank you everyone for your comments but we haven't turned it on yet."

Image credits: IndividualDot9604

#3 Vaccines Cause Autism

viv_be_vibing said:

That Vaccines causes autism.

JMSeaTown replied:

The same people will vaccinate their dog, but their newborn doesn’t need protection against polio, Hepatitis B, Dtap, influenza, chicken pox, measles/mumps, etc. because those vaccines cause autism.

Image credits: viv_be_vibing

#4 Trickle-Down Economics

AlbionRemainsXIV said:

Trickle-down economics.

Ultima_RatioRegum elaborated:

If you were told this in a vacuum without any knowledge of the outside world, then it may seem to make logical sense. However, I don't think this is one of those beliefs that people have due to stupidity. The reason many people believe this is due to a multi-decade misinformation campaign waged by the owning class against the working class (and by working class, I mean anyone whose primary source of income is wage labor, from tradespeople to rocket scientists).

Image credits: AlbionRemainsXIV

#5 Flat Earth Society

TheOvercookedFlyer said:

That the earth is flat.

hard_baroquer explained

Adam Savage did a TED talk that not only did the ancient Greeks (and I'm sure many other societies at the time) realize the earth was spherical, but they also calculated the diameter to a small percentage point. All they needed was shadows at noon at two points, and trigonometry.

So with that much history going so far back, it's so crazy idiotic that people would disregard that knowledge.

Image credits: TheOvercookedFlyer

#6 Stealing The Elections

That thousands of people coordinated, in several different states, to steal an election and left no evidence.

Image credits: gtkarakoram

#7 That Animals Don't Experience Emotions

That animals don’t feel emotions.

There are going to be people who reply to this comment that *still* insist animals don’t have emotions.

Image credits: MantisAwakening

#8 There Is Never Enough Proof

I used to work as a paralegal and had to fight with Social Security when they accused my clients of fraud. Got on a call with an agent who insisted my client was faking the disability her daughter had. The daughter died of the disability and it says it on the death certificate. The agent told me it wasn't enough proof.

Image credits: LakishaWoodruff

#9 The BBC Spaghetti-Tree Hoax

The BBC Spaghetti-Tree Hoax of April 1, 1957.

Writer's Note:

This was a BBC broadcast for April Fools' showing a family in Switzerland harvesting spaghetti from a tree. Back then, spaghetti as a product was not all that known in the UK, hence all the calls the station got for advice on growing spaghetti, completely oblivious to the fact that it's actually made from wheat flour and water.

Image credits: mobyhead1

#10 Basic Math Fails The Hamburger Lovers

People that thought a 1/3 pound burger was smaller than a quarter pounder

Image credits: McJumpington

#11 That 5G Causes Covid

5G phone masts were spreading COVID. People actually burned them down because of that belief.

Image credits: antcanavan

#12 Multi-Level Marketing (Pyramid) Schemes

That MLMs are a “small business” and not a pyramid scheme where there’s little to no chance of making/not losing money.

Image credits: Leigh257

#13 Scientology

spagbetti said:


MorticiaLaMourante replied:

I said "religion" in general, but Scientology has to be one of the worst.

Image credits: spagbetti

#14 "Babies Feel No Pain"

Babies feel no pain and they believed that until the 1970's so they would experiment on babies up until then because they didnt feel pain. Scary.

Image credits: Mastercoolgr

#15 Energized Wrist Bands

Valuable-Raccoon-734 said:

Those wrist bands that “give you energy”. ?

superwetpajamas replied:

Almost as good as the wristbands that keep you balanced.

Independent-Bike8810 explained:

I wanted to see what the scam was once in a mall where they were selling these. They first yank on your arm throwing you off balance easily. Then they put on the bracelet an yank on your arm again and you are magically steady as a rock. The impression is strong until you realize all that happened was that you were not caught off guard and were able to anticipate the force that was about to be applied and unconsciously braced for the yank.

Image credits: Valuable-Raccoon-734

#16 iTunes Gift Cards To Pay Off The IRS

RilohKeen said:

“I need to buy these iTunes gift cards in order to pay off the IRS!”

wap2005 replied:

My grandma fell for this scam, I think it was Safeway Gift Cards or something. They said if she didn't take care of it right away they would have to send the police to her house and she couldn't get ahold of me or my mother to ask so she just went and did it. Was like $4000 or something like that, was a few years ago now.

It really is a bummer that people take advantage of elderly people.

Image credits: RilohKeen

#17 Why Ukraine Was Invaded

In my feed, this post is right above the post quoting Berlusconi saying "Putin invaded Ukraine to put decent people in Kiev". So I'm gonna with that.

Image credits: tibithegreat

#18 "Are You A Cop?"

That if you ask an undercover cop if they’re a cop they’re required to answer honestly.

Image credits: J-Dizzle42

#19 That Wakanda Was A Real Country

When people thought Wakanda was a real country.

Image credits: frickindibs

#20 Horoscopes And Astrology

FantasticWriting502 said:

Horoscopes and anything astrology.

PLTuck replied:

I was doing a degree in Astronomy.

You wouldn't believe the number of people that started asking me about the meaning of their dreams and which rags horoscopes were the best. Even my DWP work coach thought I was doing a hokey pseudo degree, and then asked me to spell it!

Image credits: FantasticWriting502

#21 Beanie Babies As An Investment

Babyfart_McGeezacks said:

Beanie babies as an investment strategy.

TemporalTickTock replied:

One of my all time favorite photos on the internet is that picture of that couple separating their beanie babies on the floor of a courtroom during their divorce.

Image credits: Babyfart_McGeezacks

#22 Wireless Charging Via Microwaves

That fake ad for apple phones getting the capability to charge via microwaving. Buncha people put their iPhones in their microwaves and fried em.

Image credits: theskepticalpizza

#23 Cow Tipping

Cow tipping

Cows don't sleep standing up. That's not a thing!

The amount of people I have met who have claimed to have knocked over a cow while standing up is crazy!

I don't understand why people claim to do it. I have met tourists who claim to have done it back in their home country all the time. No farming background or nothing. They will confidently tell me I am wrong even though they have never worked around cattle.

Image credits: JoeyBloggz

#24 Legal Power Behind Personal Facebook Posts

Kittypie75 said:

That posting "I will not allow Facebook to sell my photos" yada yada ON Facebook somehow makes their terms of service invalid.

G8kpr replied:

As bad as “if you forward this email, bill gates will pay you $1 for every person it gets forwarded to.”

My friend sent me that, and I said “why... why would Bill Gates care if you forwarded that email, how would he track how it got forwarded, he would have to pay out millions if not more. But what does it gain him?”

He said “I dunno, but it can’t hurt.”

I said "yeah, you’re sending me s#$t. Don’t do it."

Image credits: Kittypie75

#25 "When Did This Happen?"

When we went to see the Martian in theaters, at the end some woman behind us told her friend, “I can’t believe I missed this. When did this happen?”

Image credits: amccutchan14

#26 Ripping Off Mattress Tags

Sheriff___Bart said:

Ripping the tag off of the mattress. I accidentally ripped one while moving, the movers said I'd go to jail, so I hid in my room. I was about 5.

CouncilmanRickPrime replied:

Why is that even a thing people said?

Murgatroyd314 explained:


What it actually means is that stores aren’t allowed to sell a mattress without that tag detailing what it’s made of. When the tags first appeared, some big name comedian came up with a bit speculating about why the tag was there and what the penalty would be, conveniently leaving off the last four words.

Image credits: Sheriff___Bart

#27 The Blair Witch Project

smellemenopy said:

The Blair Witch Project.

Mo-Cance replied:

One of the most successful viral marketing campaigns, before they were ever really understood. For about two weeks, no one really knew whether or not the "found footage" (also in its infancy) was real.

Image credits: smellemenopy

#28 Blue Blood

Blood being blue. I was actually told in elementary school that blood is blue when deoxygenized and turns red when it comes into contact with air. I even got grilled by my teacher for sarcastically asking "so there are blue blood cells?" When I got older looking back I have no f*****g idea how people actually believed that. I wasn't exceptionally smart in school and even I was like wtf yo that makes no goddamn sense.

Image credits: Khronix23

#29 The #13 Means Bad Luck

Bad luck associated with the number "13."

I could say any superstition is dumb, but this one is so engrained that hotels won't even have a floor called the 13th. In the elevator, the numbers go from 12 to 14.

Image credits: Scrappy_Larue

#30 JFK Jr Is Still Alive

AJray15 said:

JFK Jr being alive is one of the more idiotic things I’ve seen recently.

git replied:

I think this in combination with the various Trumpist/QAnon/pizzagate/Seth Rich/Big Lie conspiracy theories is the right answer to OP.

Like, there are simpler obviously-wrong things out there that might be more egregious than falling into Trumpism, but the combination of all these different things and the confusion of ideas in maintaining belief in them all at once probably takes the crown for 'dumbest'.

Image credits: AJray15

#31 "The Rain Follows The Plow"

"The rain follows the plow" In the 1800s American West this was *everywhere*. The idea was that agriculture would bring rain and make farming super easy. Supposedly, when grasslands were turned into cultivated fields, the soil would release moisture into the air. Then human activity like factories or trains would make vibrations that formed rain clouds. Eventually the idea expanded to [straight-up bombing the air with dynamite on kites]

Image credits: Puzzleworth

#32 Keeping The Light On In The Car

Practical_Past1626 said:

I thought it was illegal to keep the lights on in the car until I was like 14.

My parents are liars.

SockaSockaSock replied:

I believed that if you had the air conditioning on and the windows open at the same time in the car or in a house it could create an air pressure imbalance that could suck you out the window. My parents were also liars.

Image credits: Practical_Past1626

#33 "Plug This Thing Into Your Electrical Socket To Save Electricity"

A lot of people fall for the scams around a company selling you a device you plug into an outlet in your home and it "reduces your electricity bill". You'd honestly be surprised how many people have paid money for these and even swear by them even though it's 100% snake oil and incredibly dumb to think it would do anything.

Image credits: 360_face_palm

#34 Winning Something On Facebook

vulpixtwosix said:

That sharing those posts on Facebook means they actually have a chance of winning a 5* luxury getaway.

TotallyNotARobot2 replied:

We have an extra 150k car laying around that we just need to get rid of. All you have to do is share this post.

nucleoli replied:

Our last winner was only 17!!! So he couldn’t accept this Lamborghini

MrsZ- replied:

This actually happened live on Australian TV once on a show called Rove Live. Went to the guys house, presented him with the car then found out he was on 17.

Image credits: vulpixtwosix

#35 "Science Says", "Psychology Says", Etc.

FukaseGeiCactus said:

Posts that start with "Science says/ Psychology says... etc." without the actual research study links.

FirstSurvivor replied:

Even with a link, half misunderstand the article or make wildly exaggerated claims (no, curing something in mice doesn't mean it will be possible to do the same with humans, it's not even that likely the research will apply to humans, but we can't do that research to humans so we use mice).

That and research articles whose results cannot be replicated...

Image credits: FukaseGeiCactus

#36 This Guy's Potential

LeCriDesFenetres said:

My potential.

Seeker80 replied:

Your potential is unlimited. Just invest in your future, and you'll be on the path to making sure that you'll be all that you can be. It's all about security in the future. If you invest now, you can be confident that everything is taken care of.

And that's how Amway can help you.

#37 The Fiji Mermaid

[The Fiji Mermaid] was a pretty successful scam

Writer's Note:

It's effectively a torso of a young monkey sewn together with the back of a large fish. Sideshows used to use it as a prop, a mummified one, supposedly pointing out the existence of mermaids (mer-people?).

Image credits: ipakookapi

#38 Movies Are Done In Chronological Order

I used to be so confused about the amount of time it would take to make movies because I was convinced they did it all in chronological order and when they did flashbacks to childhood, I was like “wow those actors are so committed” or I would think it must take a long time for their hair to grow or change in anyway and never considered it could be a wig lol

Edit: Yes, I have heard of the movie Boyhood. It came out when I was 22, so well past my perception of movies being made that way, but it definitely reminded me of this when I first heard of it and I thought it was really cool that someone actually did that

Image credits: kivote3426

#39 Every Dad Is Santa Claus

“Dumb people” is me but, when I was a kid, I used to believe that EVERY dad is Santa Claus because of the “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” song.

#40 Michael Jackson's Nose Fell Off

Greg0r_Samsa said:

That Michael Jackson's nose fell off.

gramineous replied:

Ooh, I used this back in high school to trick a mate of mine!

I had a long-term issue with constant nosebleeds growing up, and at one point had a nose cauterization done to help. Instead of telling my friend what actually happened at the doctor's, I said I'd been scheduled for surgery to get my nose removed to deal with the issue, and would get a prosthetic nose for afterwards, citing Michael Jackson as an example of a nose removal.