For Sen Cortez Masto (D-NV), Being in Bed With the Bidens Is Bad Business – Opinion

Payments from Joe Biden’s Presidential Campaign went to a private security company owned by Paul Masto, the husband of Sen. Cathrine Cortez Masto (D-NV). Universal Security Specialists was awarded $24,000 by the Biden For President committee.

These payments came before Sen. Cortez Masto endorsed Joe Biden for President and Biden floated her name to be a possible Vice Presidental candidate. Cortez Masto turned down a bid for the VP post.

On Hunter Biden’s laptop-from-hell, an email was found written by Paul Masto during the time Joe Biden was Vice President. The email subject line reads “Hi Hunter” and solicits clients for his security firm.

This has taken a while.  We hope that you are doing well.  I wanted to ask if you and your family wanted to go to a couple of  Navy games this season?  Please take a look at the schedule to see which games you are interested in and let me know when they will be available.  How about Beau, your dad, and mom?  Please let me know.

A rumor has spread that the VP will soon be going to Reno. I don’t hear anything from his staff.   I offered the Deputy Chief of Staff to do Advances for his staff and to train advance personnel… but no one ever called me back.  It’s okay!

Since opening my new office, I’ve been quite busy. Are you aware of anyone in need of a Vulnerability Assessment?

Hunter, Take Care.  If you have any questions about Nevada, please let me know.    Below are our current telephone numbers.

There is no reason to believe Universal Security Specialists didn’t provide any services to the Biden campaign — Paul Masto is uniquely qualified to do so as a retired Secret Service agent. His firm provided security for the GreenMart and Silver Leaf Farms marijuana companies in the past. Cortez Masto spent part of her career as State Attorney General, opposing the legalization of marijuana in Nevada — even while the Mastos took in income from the cannabis industry.

Nevada’s Senate race remains highly competitive. Cortez Mato is considered vulnerable and posted record-high contributions of $7.5million during Q2. GOP nominee Adam Laxalt responded to the recent reports on Twitter, accusing his opponent of failing to call for investigations into the “shady business dealings” of Hunter Biden. Laxalt’s perspective of the Biden family business is shared by 7 in 10 voters according to recent polls.

In July, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre refused to answer any questions about the contents of the infamous laptop after voicemails surfaced from Joe Biden seeking to discuss the family’s business relations in China with Hunter. Biden has been accused of a variety of questionable activities, including trips to China and Burisma in Ukraine as well as spending on Russian escort ring.

Sen. Cortez Masto votes with Joe Biden over 95 percent of the time according to the National Republican Senatorial Committee, which published a press release on Thursday in response to the Senator’s Spanish-language campaign ad. Criticizing Sen. Cortez Masto’s allegiance to the Biden Administration, NRSC Hispanic Press Secretary, Juan Arias said,

“Cortez Masto’s voting record shows that she votes to support Biden’s radical agenda rather than to support the people she represents back home in Nevada.”

This is exactly why the security firm’s business deals with the Biden campaign are raising eyebrows. The Mastos had been funding the Bidens’ campaigns while Nevadans suffered tremendously under Democrat antibusiness policies. Nevada beat out the Great Depression to set an all-time record for unemployment due to pandemic restrictions. Nevada’s is among the highest inflation rates in the nation, at a jaw-dropping 14.9 percent. Nevada’s housing rental rates are increasing faster than any other state in the nation.

As in the marijuana hypocrisy days, prior to her filibuster flip-flopping, Cortez Masto does Do what’s best for you, right nowBut Being in bed and sharing the Bidens’ is bad business.

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