Frankie Lons: Here’s 5 Pics of Keyshia Cole’s Mom At Her Best

Frankie Lons, reality TV star and mother of R&B recording artist Keyshia Cole recently passed away and left both fans and family members hurting. Remembering her fondly and with all respects, here's 5 pics of Keyshia Cole's mom flashing her beautiful smiles with day ones and the R&B star.


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1. Two Peas In A Pod

The resemblance is uncanny in this pic. Wrap around glasses, hair killed. Slaying before the game even knew what slaying was.

2. Dynamic Duo

There’s a beautiful balance to this picture. The height difference is somehow leveled out with the opposite corner containing the darker images of Frankie’s hair and t-shirt image. Not to mention both women look gorgeous. Roses.

3. Throw Back

Not the light denim looks. It’s heartwarming to see so much love in these pics.

4. Family Matters

This is what it’s all about, people. You can feel the energies in these smiles. Big head down there in the corner ain’t want to smile, of course. So much emotion in this pic.

5. Lola Baby

So many memories of such a beautiful woman. Rest easy. Love and condolences to the family and friends of Frankie Lons and Keyshia Cole.