From Passion To Career, How Three Creators Turned Their Love Of Creativity Into A Full Time Job

AdobeDoaly and Samuel Douek

‘Just start making and see if you like it!’ Whoever you are, wherever you’re from, your journey can take you anywhere.

From getting your first taste of hands-on experience in the creative industries, to following your dreams – and sometimes changing course as your journey develops – there’s opportunities for everyone.

Adobe has launched Love the Journey,  a campaign designed to help young people forge their own path into the creative industry and be inspired by the not-so-linear career paths of others in the industry. As part of the campaign, we sat down with three brilliant individuals blazing trails in the creative sector. They’ve overcome hurdles, turned potential problems into opportunities, and forged impressive, fascinating careers. And maybe you can too…

Derin Adetosoye, Samuel Douek, Doaly

‘Seize the opportunity!’

Derin Adetosoye is a presenter and content creator on YouTube, and her advice is: If you like it, do it. ‘If you want to become a presenter, get your phone camera and start to record your own bit,’ she says. ‘We’re in such a cool age where there’s a lot of accessibility to do things yourself.’ 

She built a YouTube audience while studying for her A-levels – ‘I did my homework first so I could spend the evening editing’ – and it wasn’t easy. Her well-meaning friends and family worried that she would be unwise to make her hobby a career, and even as her channel became popular she was aware that ‘all my friends were partying – but what I’m doing is what I love and I wouldn’t give that up for the world’.

Derin (Adobe)Derin Adetosoye, Presenter

And that’s the point: it’s your life and your career, and you can make yourself proud. ‘Seize the opportunity, believe in yourself, keep on going,’ says Derin. ‘If there’s something which lights the fire up in you, don’t let anyone dim that.’ It’s your journey – so make sure you love it.

‘There’s a much wider landscape of opportunity now’

Samuel Douek wasn’t supposed to be directing videos for Little Mix and Kara Marni – he trained for seven years as an architect. But he wanted to follow his dream instead. 

 ‘It’s daunting to enter into something that you know nothing about, especially at the cost of something that provides stability and a guaranteed future,’ he says, but modern career journeys are flexible: ‘Gone are the days of our parents’ generation where you had a career for life.’ 

Samuel (Adobe)Samuel Douek, Director

For Samuel, the ability to shoot DIY videos on your phone ‘democratises the industry’ and there’s nothing stopping any of us: ‘There’s no difference between somebody who self-shoots and self-publishes on Vimeo to somebody who’s commissioned by a big label.’

Samuel also learnt the ropes in all aspects of video production – ‘I fell in love with the whole process’ – and treated every setback as a learning opportunity: ‘Through competition, I made myself better and started winning projects. Every person faces challenges, it’s about how you deal with them.’ 

And how do you keep improving? Samuel quotes advice from Neon Demon director Nicolas Winding Refn: ‘Treat every film as if it’s your last.’ If you love your career and you love the journey, put everything into it. 

Samuel (Adobe)Samuel Douek, Director

‘What do I want to get paid to do?’

‘Your career path is not linear,’ says Doaly. His graphic design skills have created eye-catching movie posters for dozens of Hollywood studios, and one of them – showing Deadpool peeing off a skyscraper – amused the film’s lead actor Ryan Reynolds so much that it now hangs in his house.

It’s a particularly impressive rise to design prominence considering Doaly didn’t start in earnest until he was nearly 40. 

‘I wanted to illustrate because I wanted something fun to do outside of my day job,’ he explains. It made him so busy he was effectively pursuing two careers – so he left the day job he didn’t like, and sought to stretch himself. 

Dolay (Adobe)Doaly, Graphic Designer

‘When your day-to-day has become too easy, broaden your horizons. You only strive and get better when you have obstacles to overcome.’

Doaly says your journey to a fulfilling creative career could begin next door. ‘Go to local businesses, friends, family,’ he says. ‘Pick up those jobs where possible, even if they don’t pay a lot – as long as you can start learning, it’s valuable experience.’

He has a brilliant suggestion for those difficult early days: ‘Set your own brief – pretend it’s a real-world brief and produce the work that you’re expecting to do in the future,’ he suggests. ‘And build your portfolio for the job you want to do – What do I enjoy doing? What do I want to get paid to do?’

Dolay (Adobe)Doaly, Graphic Designer

Now it’s your turn

Derin, Samuel and Doaly prove that you can follow your creative journey. To find out much more from them – and others in the creative industries – read on to discover how you can find your way to your dream career.

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