Fungie: 'This is serious now' - search continues for missing Dingle dolphin

Local fishermen in Dingle are 'seriously concerned' about the wellbeing of Fungie the dolphin.

The bottlenose has been missing for four days, after rumours of his return were untrue.

Up to six boats restarted the search for him at first light this morning.

Fungie, who normally resides in Dingle harbour, went missing on Tuesday.

Wednesday morning, a local fisherman claimed that he had seen the dolphin.

But yesterday, the search crew returned fruitless.

This morning, the search area has been extended up the west Kerry coast, covering around 10 miles.

Boatman Gary Brosnan is remaining hopeful.

"This is fairly serious now. Fungie very, rarely leaves the mouth of the harbour and he has never, ever been missing for this long," he told RTE.

"We have an easterly wind blowing off the land at the moment and that tends to drive fish-life away out to sea.

"Our hope is that Fungie has gone out following the feed and will come back to us once the wind comes around to the south-west,

"We spotted a pod of common dolphins feeding about two miles out to sea, but Fungie wasn't amongst them.

''Thats no surprise though, he doesnt like common dolphins," he added.

It was 1983 where Fungie first appeared in Dingle.

Thousands and thousands of people have travelled to the Kingdom to try and spot the lively flipper.