Game Of Thrones Shares First Official Look At Prequel House Of The Dragon


Game of Thrones may have ended with some controversy, but plenty of fans are excited about the prequel series.

The lore of Game of Thrones was as appealing as its many dramatic twist and turns. Naturally, this left many intrigued in the history of the world, and HBO is set to deliver a series that explores just that.

Fans of the series are now getting their first look at a prequel series that will explore the established world of Westeros, Essos, and Sothoryo further. Not only that, but the series will focus on the Targaryen family which had a pretty traumatic history in the Game of Thrones series. The first images of House of the Dragon have been revealed, and it looks like an all-star cast will feature.

In a series of tweets on the House of the Dragon‘s official Twitter page, the cast was revealed. As many would expect, the series has high-profile actors exploring the history of the fictional world. Olivia Cooke who starred in Ready Player One and the oscar-nominated Sound of Metal is set to play Alicent Hightower. While the likes of Matt Smith and Rhys Ifans also take on new roles.

Matt Smith has been revealed looking the part of Prince Daemon Targaryen with striking white hair. On the other hand, Rhys Ifans looks more familiar in the role of Otto Hightower. Many will hope that there is plenty of drama in this upcoming series so that the actors can showcase the skills. Considering that the series is a prequel to GOT, drama is pretty likely.

The first season of the show is expected to arrive in 2022. With that in mind, fans will have to wait for some time before they can see the newly announced cast in action. However, given that the Game of Thrones series sparked plenty of fan-led theories, many will be glad that they have ample opportunity to inspect the images and begin theorising the events that will take place in the ten-part series.

Both fans and the production team will undoubtedly hope that the new series can replicate the success of Game of Thrones. This may be possible as thousands have engaged with the images of the cast. On the back of this, it seems that those who enjoyed the work of George R.R. Martin are ready to get behind the new story.

Let’s hope the House of the Dragon doesn’t disappoint.

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