Gardai "carrying out enquiries" into RTÉ gathering

The force is looking at how the RT gathering was organised

Reports from The Irish Times and the Irish Independent revealed that gardai are "carrying out enquiries" into the RT gathering that took place on November 15.

Gardai are looking at how the farewell for Phil Collins was organised as to determine if any COVID-19 legislation was breached.

Under Level 5 restrictions the organising of indoor gatherings is banned and subject to a potential penalty of 1,000 in fines.

Under the Living with Covid plan, organised indoor gatherings are defined as "controlled environments with a named event organiser, owner or manager.".

A garda spokesperson told The Irish Times: An Garda Sochna is carrying out enquiries, focused on the organisers, into an alleged event as described and the advices of the Director of Public Prosecutions will be sought in respect of any further actions to be taken."

The enquiries will determine if the RT gathering was an "event" under COVID-19 regulations, as reported by The Irish Times.

If this is found to be the case then a criminal investigation into the organiser/organisers could be launched.

As reported by, RT has received over 100 written and verbal complaints about its farewell gathering.

RT stars including Bryan Dobson, Miriam OCallaghan, David McCullagh and RT News Managing Director Jon Williams have apologised for their "serious lapse of judgement".

Deputy Mayor of South County Dublin, Councillor David McManus, has called for "consequences".

In a statement on Friday, he said: "RT must show there are consequences or its double standards.

"The RT statement fails to mention if any lessons will be learnt or if any individuals will face any consequences at all from this fiasco.

"Two RT presenters that breached guidelines were at work today (Friday) and appeared on radio and television which signals that they will face no consequences. All they can offer is an apology, but its just words."