Gardai report 18% increase in Domestic Violence calls

Gardai are reporting an 18% increase in calls relating to domestic violence for the year to date.

The same period of time saw a 14.7% increase in breaches of court orders obtained through the Domestic Violence Act.

This represents the reporting of over 15,000 incidents relating to domestic abuse from January up to October 12th.

Campaigners had raised the issue of vulnerable people sharing lockdown with abusive spouses from the outset, prompting the commencement of Operation Faoiseamh.

Operation Faoiseamh was a component of Garda community support at the onset of the first lockdown in April, with a focus on providing proactive support to victims of domestic abuse.

On the foot of the latest data, Gardai have announced the commencement of another phase of Operation Faoiseamh.


A statement outlines that phase three will provide proactive outreach to vulnerable people, offering support and assistance of local specialised resources.

This mirrors phase one of the plan, while phase two focused on executing arrests and securing prosecutions.

The plan also states a renewed focus in the enforcement of court orders and prosecution of offenders, with 107 such prosecutions between May 13th and 27th.

Gardai also moved to remind victims of domestic abuse that the Level 5 restrictions on movement do not apply to those fleeing an abusive partner.


Detective Chief Superintendent Declan Daly, with Garda National Protective Services Bureau, reaffirmed the force's commitment to policing domestic violence,while encouraging those experiencing abuse to seek assistance.

"Prior to the commencement of Operation Faoiseamh I assured those victims experiencing domestic abuse that An Garda Sochna were available to assist you in this difficult time.

"An Garda Sochna are mindful of the fear and concern some in our community may have at this time. I wish to take this opportunity to re-emphasise our commitment to protect the most vulnerable in society.

"Operation Faoiseamh has been established to ensure you are safe, if you feel threatened or are in fear please contact us and we will respond quickly and robustly.

"If you are a victim of abuse or you know of a family member or friend who is a victim of such abuse, that information is important to us and I ask that you make contact with An Garda Sochna.

"If you require urgent assistance or support, please call 999 or 112, we are there to listen to help and to protect.