George Hill Flames The NBA For Strict COVID-19 Protocols: “I’m A Grown Man, So I’m Going To Do What I Want To Do. If It’s That Serious Maybe We Shouldn’t Be Playing.”

COVID-19 has officially made its way into the NBA and, as the threat of a serious breakout continues to rise, the league’s urgency to keep this contained also continues to rise.

As part of the new plan to keep things under control, new COVID-19 safety measures are being enforced, including new facemask mandates, and restrictions on how and who players interact with anyone outside the team.

It’s really not hard to figure that players might not be a huge fan of the idea, and one has already spoken out: OKC Thunder guard George Hill.

It’s hard not to sympathize with a man who is essentially being asked to limit how much he sees his loved ones. If he wants to see his family, it’s certainly in his right to do so.

But it’s also the NBA’s responsibility to protect the safety and well being of their members and the communities in which they are involved. When Hill signed his contract, he agreed to play by the NBA’s rules.

Considering it’s unlikely that he would be willing to sacrifice his pay (or jeopardize the rest of this season) we shouldn’t expect anything crazy. Still, it goes to show how complicated this whole virus thing can be.