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Meet Alex Mytton Girlfriend Georgina Howard On Instagram: Everything To Know About Her Table of Contents
British model Georgina Howard has a whopping 12.3K followers on Instagram. Let us know more about the star model, Georgina.
Georgina Howard is a famous British model, who is famous for her looks and eyes.
She has been featured in many famous brands, including Ford New York and MD Germany.
Further, Georgina loves to travel and is traveling the world with the boyfriend, Alex Mytton.
Georgina Howard

Dating (Alex Mytton)

Is Georgina Howard On Instagram? Her Instagram account has around 12.3K followers. Georgina keeps posting her modeling photographs and her travel photos on Instagram. Likewise, she has almost 688 posts until now. Also, she is following 1.2K people on Instagram. Who Is Alex Mytton’s Girlfriend Georgina Howard? Alex Mytton and Georgina Howard have been in a loving relationship since December 2017.
Her boyfriend Alex is a British actor who is known for his work in Made in Chelsea. The couple got together with each other very soon. They started to spend holidays in the Maldives in February 2018.
Similarly, Alex’s age is now 29 years old. He was born on June 14, 1991.
The couple has not married yet and is enjoying their dating life since 2017.
How Old Is Georgina Howard? Georgina Howard’s age seems to be between 25-30 years old. But, her exact age is not revealed by her. Also, no online portal has able to find Georgina’s birthday.
Georgina and Alex are dating and they look like of the same age. So, Georgina might be around 29 years old. Georgina Howard’s Wikipedia Biography Georgina Howard is a famous celebrity now, but she is still not featured by Wikipedia. Also, she has not much revealed about her life. Howard is a low-profile model and likes to keep things up to herself. As of now, she works as a model for the New Madison Models and Models1 London. Georgina Howard Family Georgina Howard has not revealed any information about her family. Also, she has never posted anything about her family.
Howard is a native of Britain but, as of now, there is no detailed information about her family.