Gilbert Nassib Carl Nassib Father- Ethnicity and Origin- Is He Lebanese Or Arab?

Who Is Gilbert Nassib? Is He Lebanese Or Arab? All We Know About Carl Nassib Father Table of Contents
Gilbert Nassib is a retired football player who is also the father of Carl Nassib. Is Gilbert A Lebanese or Arabian?
Gilbert Nassib is a retired football player. 
He is the father of famous football player Carl Nassib.
Carl has followed his father’s footsteps and is enrolled in the Las Vegas Raiders NFL team. 
Carl learned to play football from his father. Gilbert could not be on the national team, but he made his son on the national team with his efforts. 
Also, Carl is the first NFL player who has openly agreed that he is gay.  Who Is Carl Nassib Father Gilbert Nassib? Details On Carl’s Parents
Gilbert Nassib is well-known as the father of Carl Nassib. 
Gilbert’s wife’s name is Mary Nassib. They both have a very long history of relationships and are married for a very long time. 
Gilbert has 5 children altogether. The children’s name is John and Ryan who are boys and Carey and Paige, who are girls. Also, Carl is one of the five. 
Gilbert Nassib Ethnicity: What Is His Origin?
Gilbert Nassib’s ethnicity is not yet revealed. 
He is an American citizen, according to many journals, but his origin seems to be in question. 
His surname Nassib suggests that he follows the religion Muslim and is a follower of Allah. 
He used to play football at the University of Delaware. He might have migrated to America a long time ago. 
But as of now, there is no detailed information about Gilbert’s ethnicity.  Is Gilbert Nassib Lebanese Or Arab? 
From his surname, we could say that he must have some past to Eastern Europe, but he is an American. 
His sons also are one of the best players in American universities and are also married to American citizens. 
Gilbert’s other son Ryan is also a former American quarterback. Ryan was on the New York Giants drafted in the Fourth Quarter of the 2013 NFL draft.
So, Gilberts is not Lebanese or Arabian.