Government 'hopes' to have nationwide vaccine timeline by end of March

The Government hopes to inform everyone by the end of this month about when exactly they will get a Covid-19 vaccine, it has emerged.

The Tnaiste Leo Varadkar has told a Fine Gael Parliamentary Party that he hopes the Government can inform the public by the end of this month when each cohort of the vaccine plan can expect to get a jab.

Speaking to party colleagues, Mr Varadkar said there will be reliable information to give people about when each cohort on the vaccination list will get a jab at the end of March, per the Irish Mirror.

Sources tell the paper that the Tnaiste was optimistic about the single shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine getting approval for use by the Europes health watchdog next week.

If that is the case, he told TDs and Senators that the doses will start arriving in Ireland in April.

Fine Gael sources told the Irish Mirror that Mr Varadkar confidently reiterated that more than 80% of people will be offered a first dose of a Covid vaccine by the end of June.

However, he said there is concerning information about Covid-19 case numbers around the country.

He said there is still quite some time to go unfortunately and that the virus is still putting people in hospital despite figures falling.

Senator Regina Doherty was critical that the HSE has missed its vaccination target of 100,000 doses for last week.