Greg O'Shea: 'Someone said they'd shoot me in the back of the head'

LOVE Island winner Greg OShea has revealed chilling details from social media trolls who sent him death threats after he broke up with Amber Gill.

The Limerick native won the show in 2019 with the UK reality TV star.

But after just two weeks of dating, Greg called it quits to concentrate on his law studies and training for the Olympics with the Rugby 7s team.

But Greg revealed he received frightening messages from trolls who were unhappy about the break-up, with one telling his friends to shoot him in the back of the head.


In another message, Greg reveals his mother Carol was told she gave birth to a little prick, while in another message, Greg was told step by step how to kill himself.

Opening up about the shocking messages, the 25-year-old said:

People fully think they can own you because essentially they have made your popularity, which I can in some way see their point, but it is just not humane.

The only time was when it started turning negative for me was when I decided to go home to Ireland and not pursue the relationship with Amber.

I decided not to bring it to boyfriend-girlfriend level because it wasnt going to work. I had so much stuff going on over here and I was trying to get to the Olympics.

He told Caroline Moran on Owning It: The Anxiety podcast:

She was over in the UK doing her things. Everyone was watching her every step, there was too much pressure.

We barely knew each other. We only knew each other two weeks.

''The problem was that millions of people were watching the relationship and I just decided, The safer thing to do now and the best decision for me and for her because I couldnt give her what she wanted.

Im just going to go home and go back to what I was doing and try and take every opportunity that kind of comes around my life.

Then obviously people didnt like that because they get so invested and they feel like they know you and you owe them something and it is just like honestly the whole thing blew up.

I was getting death threats sent to me. Crazy stuff. People were telling me step by step how I should go and kill myself.


When I started blocking them and things like that, they started getting onto my family.

They started messaging my mother horrific stuff, my sister got horrific stuff, my mates were getting messages saying, You should shoot your friend in the back of the head.

Greg said he never regretted going on the show, but he admitted he wasnt ready for how nuts some fans could be.

The thing was if you are not stable in yourself, that could completely throw you over the edge, he said.

When I was moving home to Ireland I had just under 1.7 million followers and now I have a million, so thats 700,000 people unfollowed me thats the kind of figure of how people were pissed off at me because I decided not to follow the normal Love Island path, but Im happy with myself and my decisions.

You can hear the full Greg O'Shea interview here.