Hawaii Island Tours: The Elfian Way Of Doing Things Wild

How customized do you like your orders to be? We all have a particular way of doing things and a definite perspective we seek in every experience that we undergo. Well, guess what? There’s a new Elf in town granting your wish of customized travel experience in the wild lands and waters of Oahu, Hawaii.

Picture this: the vastness of the sea, the limitlessness of the forest and a private tour guide taking you on adventure rides. If nature is what that gets you going then how about you take things to the next level? Enjoy Hawaii and its adventure tours – the best private and customized experience that one can enjoy, which is beyond those common touristy things. Just make time for something wild this Hawaiian vacation with Elf as your travel partner. 

Here are the adventure packages that you can explore with Elf:

 . Hiking: Are you one of the adventure junkies who get their rush of adrenaline by hiking it out? Well, guess what? Elf’s special hiking trail includes Makapu’u lighthouse and tide pools along with Peacock flats, Hanauma Bay Ridge, Judd trail and many more exciting places. Not only is the journey beautiful, but also the destination is worth the effort.

 . Waterfalls: Right from Hamama to Naniupo, you get to enjoy scenic waterfalls.

 . Swimming and Snorkeling: These are major attractions that come with facilities like coral reef sensitive sunscreen, the right snorkeling equipment and much more.

 . Sightseeing locations include Hamana Blowhole, Pali Lookout, Valley of Temples and many more Hawaii Island tours.  

Why you should choose Elf as your custom island tour guide?

The fearless bare foot hiker who has for the past 35 years been exploring the lush flora and fauna of the island and now has taken upon herself to share the special secrets of the island with those who wish to explore it with her. Yes, this is what makes her worth considering for a tour to unexplored Hawaii.

The customized packages offered by her help you to plan and choose your Hawaii activities, keeping in mind all that you’d like to cover and your comfort level. Her sole motive is to give her customers an experience to remember. You can connect with her to know about the best time to visit Hawaii and make the most of your trip.

Here are the benefits of choosing Elf to be your adventure guide:

There are those who take you places and then the ones who bring the best of places to you, either way with Elf the experience is a memorable one.

 . Keeping in mind that the ecological balance needs to be maintained, we provide reef-friendly sunscreen to the tourists who plan on going for swimming and snorkeling

 . For the earth grounding experience, all you need is the right guide and some really good company so as to enjoy various Hawaii activities

 . Good accommodation facilities provided

 . Vegan and vegetarian food options available keeping in mind the various personal requirements.

 . An LGBTQ friendly adventure experience that aims at making it a memorable tour

 . AED and lifeguard certified tours

 . Drinking water is also supplied.

Choosing the right place to visit is as important as choosing the right personal guide to go with, and assuredly with Elf, you are in good hands. It’s time to experience the best of Hawaii with the experts who will take you into the areas undiscovered that are far beyond beautiful, mesmerizing, and tranquil. Let Elf accompany you to the unfathomed Hawaiian lands. 

Just hire us to have a happy and unforgettable experience!