Here's why Paul Mescal deleted his Instagram account

Paul Mescal deleted his Instagram page today, leaving fans bereft and wondering where it all went wrong.

The Normal People star shot to fame last March thanks to his role as Connell in the acclaimed BBC adaptation of the popular Sally Rooney novel.

While he was active on Instagram during his unusual rise to fame in lockdown, it now appears that his account has been deleted completely.


Unlike many celebrities who decide to leave social platforms, Mescal did it quietly and without any notice. He didn't think to let even one of his 1.1 million followers know what was coming.


So what happened? Was he sick of doom scrolling the timeline? Was he tired of what we can assume was a host of fans sliding into his DMs at every opportunity?

The Kildare native previously told Glamour that he enjoyed watching his social media following rise after Normal People aired, saying it was easy to become obsessed with the numbers.

"It's an amazing privilege to have a platform like that and it did kind of happen overnight. It was going from 1,000 followers to couple of 100 thousand. It's amazing," he said of his following at the time.

"As time has gone by this year, I've learned a lot in terms of needing to step away from those things," he added.

"Nobodys going to remember your Instagram following. It's not going to be on your tombstone."

Paul also told OK! Magazine back in June that his large social media following can get a "bit much" at times.

paul mescal Paul Mescal as Connell and Daisy Edgar-Jones as Marianne in Normal People

"I think social media is quite a positive thing, but sometimes it gets a bit much and I have to step away for a while. Im carefully avoiding the comment sections and the likes."

So maybe it's a simple deactivation, and the Trinity College alumni has stepped back from Instagram for a while.

In an interview with GQ, Paul spoke further about toxic commentary on social media and how it gets to him.

"Twitter is just trash, isnt it?" he said. "Anything anyone writes is just taken as gospel. Although support for the show flourished on that platform, Ive realised that, ultimately, its a place that rewards incendiary remarks and divisive comments."

"Really, by the end, I wasnt even seeing the positive comments, just the negative. I became entirely addicted. It was a problem. Spending hours and hours just reading all these comments, I can understand now the mental health implications. Its toxic. So I pretty much just quit."


Perhaps now, it comes as no surprise that Mescal deleted his Instagram because it was becoming a drain.

A source told The Sun, "Paul deactivated his Instagram account because it just became a drain."

"He felt like he was wasting time on there, reading the comments is no good for anyones mental health," they continued.

"There are more important things going on in his life and he wants to focus his energy into his personal life and his work, he doesnt need social media for that. Hes a private guy and doesnt feel the need to share everything online."

While the source didn't rule out Paul's return to the platform, Paul's previous comments don't bode well for a return any time soon. With the likes of Ed Sheeran and Lewis Capaldi stepping back from the platform, at least he's in good company.

However, with Chrissy Teigen's recent return to Twitter after a much publicised exit, never say never.