“Hey Pandas, Post Pics Of Your Pet Trying To Steal Food Or Beverages”: 38 Of The Best Photos Shared By Our Community

Have you ever caught your pet trying to steal food? If you are here, then it means that you most likely have.

As funny as it sounds, pets do not regard objects as "yours/theirs." In fact, most animals are quite opportunistic. However, house pets can be trained to learn that some items are off-limits. Still, most of them, even when they are made aware of this, will still attempt to steal food when out of sight, and then run away, concealing themselves while doing so, if they perceive an opportunity.

With that being said, I asked some Pandas to share pictures of their pets being caught at the "crime scene."

#1 Crockpot Thief

#2 Successful Attempt By My Cat

#3 Everyday Usual

#4 Caught A Popcorn Bandit!

#5 Maple The Chip Licker

#6 Coffee Cake Stealing Pizza

#7 Mmmm

#8 Really Should Block That Serving Hatch Up

#9 Unagi? You Got Unagi?!

#10 Yes, Dexter Ate It All

#11 Let Me See If I Can Find Some Salmon

#12 Someone Couldn’t Wait For His Birthday Cake

#13 Oliver. I’ve Never Had A Cat More Interested In Human Food

#14 Found Her Snacks In The Mail A Lot

#15 Ermmmmm Paws Off Mate!

#16 Karma!

#17 My Cat Drinking From My “Angry Bird” Mug

#18 Milk Thief…every Time!!!

#19 It's A Gin O'clock, Baby

#20 Drinking With Fish On The Side

#21 My Kitty Stealing Food At A Possum Convention :-O

#22 Even 19-Year-Old Senior Kitties Love To Lick The Spaghetti Bowl!

#23 Mmmm, Garlic Bread

#24 I Swear He Had A Bowl Of Fresh Water!

#25 I Can Haz Pizza?

#26 Forget Being Sneaky, One Has To Be Fast

#27 It's Ok Wally. I Want Some Too

#28 Caught Red Handed!

#29 Bender And Me Having A Landy And The Tramp Moment Over A Donut

#30 Pandora The Teacup

#31 Discovering Fizzy Drinks. Left Is Tj, Right Is Blanche

#32 That’s Not My Martini, Hooman

#33 Skallet Guarding The Tequila

#34 Is There Some For Me?

#35 Sneaky

#36 Nanny Begging Every Time Chicken Is On The Menu

#37 Mila Decided She Wanted My Water Instead Of Her Own

#38 This Little Girl Saying “Are You Done Yet!? I Want To Lick The Bowl!”