Hey Pandas, Post The Most Absurd Sign You’ve Seen In Your Hometown

Every town and city has signs but sometimes you come across one that makes no sense. However, it's funny to read them, so I asked our community to share the most absurd sign they've seen in their hometown, and, surprisingly or not, they had a lot of examples to share!

Here are all the silly signs spotted by our Pandas. I hope it will brighten up your day a bit! Enjoy!

#1 Need A Job?

#2 This

#3 This Amazing Sign In A Diner In Abq New Mexico

#4 Zoo 2

#5 On A Road In Alaska, One Of The Reasons I Never Went Back

#6 Watch Out The Hedgehogs! Marsascala, Malta

#7 Always Made Me Laugh As A Kid

#8 How Was This Approved?

#9 Not Sure This Fits Here But Saw This On The Back Of A Lorry That Empties Cess Pools

#10 Is This Legal?

#11 Getting Real Specific

#12 On A Pharmacy Window. The Sort Of Thing You Ask For In A Low Voice. Laxative. Seen In Oporto

#13 This Is In A Cave But Does It Still Count?

#14 Classic British Response To Snow!

#15 Now Hiring Fish Sandwich

#16 It Is Not The Sign It Is The Way The Guy Reacted To The Sign

#17 Okayyyy

#18 At 2 Different Zoo's In The Carolinas

#19 A Classic Detroit Billboard

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#20 The Sign Says Enough

#21 Never Forgot Seeing This Years Ago. Redneck Wedding Ftw?!

#22 Should I Just Go Out Back, Then?

#23 If Only I'd Known About This Place On Mother's Day. Here's That Catalytic Converter You've Always Wanted, Mom!

#24 Follicle, Hair, Thank You

#25 Succinct

#26 Small Town In South Africa. A Local Hair Salon Which Will Also Remove One Of Your Eyes, For Free!

#27 Not An Irritation At All. Just Adding To The Things Needing To Avoid!

#28 Somewhere In Montana

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#29 This Was A Sign My Dad Saw One Day, And Then He Added The Orc

#30 Mike Exotic - Millions Of Kitties!

#31 It's Supposed To Be "I Love Boston Grillz" But It Looks Like "I Love Ot Grlz"

#32 Seen In A Diner

#33 A Funny Name For A Business In My Hometown. I Guess It’s A Dentist’s Office

#34 Highliths

#35 Actual Billboard In Rural Missouri

#36 My Favorite Breakfast

#37 This English School Name In Brazil

#38 Cars For Kids

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#39 “Do Not Lock Bikes To This Pole” - The Accessible Entrance Of A Bank