Households face bill increase after waste company introduce green bin charges

Irelands largest waste companyPandais to introduce green bin charges for mixed dry recyclables it collects from around 250,000 homes and commercial businesses from April.

The company is blaming the move on what is in effect Chinas ban on plastics and mixed paper since January.

Panda will roll out the new charges to its 125,000 customers in Dublin first before expanding the new regime nationwide.

The new rates in Dublin and the surrounding counties will see domestic customers charged 80c per lift of the green bin and 4.5c per kg to collect, process and transport the recyclables.

The company expects the average cost of the green bin service for households to be 21 annually, howeverone householder told The Irish Times that he was facing a 100 increase in charges, based on two lifts a month of his green bin, including a 25 lift charge.

Recycling is a global business and for more than a decadeChinahas been the main processor of recyclables, not just fromEurope, but also for much of the world. For a variety of reasons, including high levels of contamination, China has recently stopped accepting recycling material from outside its own borders, the company told customers.

According to the Irish Independent, it is expected that Panda's decision to introduce green bin charges will see other operators quickly follow suit, with global pressures also at play.