How Old Is Awfultune Age? Find Age, Real Name, Wiki, Bio

Share This Article: Awfultune Spread the loveThe exceeding talented and charming Awefultune is an emerging musical artist whose music made thousands of people her fans with the dedication and effort she put into her art. She is famous for her unique way of presenting the song and lyrics which her fans love about. 
She is a female musical artist and a transgender. Her musical career has not been the bed of roses, she faced many obstacles in the journey of music. She first started to upload her cover songs in 2016 to her Soundcloud.
July 2, 1998
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10 Facts About Awefultune 
Born on July 2, 1998, she is 22 years old although her exact birthplace is not known to the sources. She is a talented young artist who has earned thousands of fans through her art
The famous musical artist Awefultune’s real name ‘Layla Eden’ is known to few people but her admiration by her fans is heartfelt.
Despite being famous with her lovable personality, she does not have a Wikipedia bio which is immensely sad for her fans.
Furthermore, she is a talented artist whose songs are accessible from the music platform like iTunes, Spotify, and SoundCloud. Her one of the most famous and liked song is ‘ I met Sarah in the bathroom’.
Keeping her personal life isolated, her parents and family members are kept under the shade and not disclosed in any sources.
Her slow but the admirable journey to the music industry has given a huge contribution to the music sector and being a supporter of LGBT has won many people’s hearts.
She is popular among social media, her Instagram has more than 9k followers waiting for the pictures to be posted and keen to know about her life events.
She has not given the details about her educational background but the way she presents herself shows how talented and well-educated she is.
As she is a singer, she has her Youtube channel where she has more than 24 k subscribers waiting for her new song to be released, and a twitter account has more than 300 followers.
She has a decent height and body structure through her exact measurements are not revealed yet. Furthermore, her love life including her partner and dating history is also kept private to herself.