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How Old Is Virgil Texas? Chapo Trap House Host Age Real Name And Grooming Accusations Table of Contents
How old is Virgil Texas, the former Chapo Trap House host is accused of grooming a teenager?
Virgil Texas is an immensely popular television personality and bestselling author.
He has written a book titled, The Chapo Guide to Revolution. 
He is an ex-host of popular leftist podcast Chapo Trap House, which was launched in 2016. 
Currently, Texas hosts another podcast, Bad Faith, alongside Briahna Joy Gray. 
Furthermore, Virgil has worked as a freelance social media brand agent at Gawker Media. Also, he was a social media manager and ONN Contributor at the Dinty Moore and The Onion.  There's a new show. It's a panel show. You know how shows work, I don't need to hold your hand.
It's called @badfaithpod. I do it with @briebriejoy. It's exciting. It's new. It's a new thing for you to know about.
Listen to the first episode:
— Virgil Texas (@virgiltexas) September 11, 2020 How Old Is Virgil Texas? His Age Revealed
Virgil Texas’ age is yet to be verified. 
However, he could not be older than in his 30s. 
What Is Virgil Texas Real Name?
Chapo Trap House fame Virgil Texas’s real name is Justin Cass
He is from New York City, United States, and holds an American nationality. 
Further, his Twitter bio describes him as a public intellectual and bestselling author. 
Virgil Texas: Grooming Accusations Explained
A Twitter user, Jennifer Seberg, accused Virgil Texas of engaging in an inappropriate relationship with her when she was a minor. 
Further, Jennifer stated she and Texas started communication through emails before exchanging phone numbers.  When I was a teenager, I thought Virgil Texas was very funny. I asked him to proofread an essay I submitted to a website, and emailed it to him. The essay was about turning 16. We talked a little bit, and I thought he was very cool because he was funny and he lived in NY.
— Jennifer Seberg (@JenniferSeberg) June 9, 2021 They used to regularly text each other on a friendly term. Eventually, they started FaceTiming. But, things changed when Texas separated from his then-rumored girlfriend, Marie Calloway. 
Jennifer claimed that Virgil demanded an adult relationship from her and the experience left her traumatized. She did not disclose the explicit details of their FaceTime calls but said it affected her emotional health. 
Apparently, the rumors about Virgil dating a teenager had been circulating in the media for quite a while.
A Twitter user @MenshevikM questioned if Virgil got in trouble for dating an underage. 
As of now, Virgil Texas has remained silent on the issue and has not commented on anything.