HSE mental health services report 2,000 extra appointments made this year

The HSE mental health services have reported an increase in the number of appointments made amid the current global pandemic.

Figures released today showed that last year 103,000 appointments were made for face to face, online, and phone consultations between January and June 2019.

This year's figures show that over 105,000 thousand people applied for consultations within the same time period, showing an increase of more than 2,000 appointments made.

Psychotherapist Stella OMalley spoke on Newstalk Breakfast this morning and said that these numbers are reflective of the effect the current pandemic is having on people around the country at this weird time.

She said; "I know there are a lot of people who are really feeling it and I would say people are turning to a councillor who never had to before.

"You might have had [anxiety] in check, and then when the COVID picked up there was so much anxiety and fear everywhere."

O'Malley said that while Zoom has become a vital and useful tool in numerous businesses in the current situation, some will not find it as effective and comforting as a face to face consultation.

She said: "Zoom is really important, and it's great that we can offer it.

"For some people, it definitely isn't as good and they're waiting."