I Arrange Everyday Objects To Create Quirky Mini Worlds (30 New Pics)

I've spent 2 years creating this project called "Tiny Wasteland". The series feature miniature figures placed next to everyday objects in order to create the illusion of microscopic worlds.

Please find my other works by following these links: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6, and part 7.

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#1 Sleeping Pills

My journey as a creator of miniature worlds started in the English Channel, on an island called Herm. I was a chef for 10 years at that time, and I really wanted to be a food photographer. That was my dream. I was traveling a lot because I also worked on a cruise ship across the world.

When I finally bought my own professional camera with a macro lens (those are perfect for food photos) I started to shoot close-ups, but I wasn't really up for bugs and flowers. One day in Guernsey I found a train model shop and I bought some miniature worker figures. I put them on a piece of moss, behind a small rock and I realized that I created a tiny world. I found myself at that moment, that was my very own world. 80% of my pictures are still food-related because I still love food like crazy.

#2 Antarticoco

#3 Smoking Kills

To make dioramas I had to learn to build, and paint, so I got 2 more skills during this time.

Besides food photography and miniature world making, I also love concert photography. It used to be my first moneymaker photographer job, but now it is just a hobby. I love to be on stage in a huge festival in front of ten thousand people, but only if I have a camera in my hand which covers my face.

#4 Basket Bull

#5 Pipe Breakage

At the beginning of my creative process, I was ordering the mini-figures from the internet, but a year ago I realized there is a limit to those figures in the world. Last January I bought a 3D printer, and I started to make my own figures. The buildings are Faller sets, but I have to build them myself of course.

#6 Excuse Me?

#7 Lake Soup

These microscopic worlds are my livelihood now. I had some exhibitions here at home in Hungary and also in Beijing, Moscow, and London. I take pictures for advertisements too and I love it because it's truly challenging! It lets my works spread around the world as well.

I love these miniature things around me, and I just moved to a bigger house, so finally I can build a whole city, the real Tiny Wasteland at home!

#8 Sponge Ball

#9 The Drug Of Generations

#10 Down The Drain

#11 Happiness

#12 Do You Have Pepsi?

#13 Deadberry

#14 Waste

#15 Microgardening

#16 Filth

#17 Scalopps Summer

#18 It Wasn't Garlic Dad

#19 Her Headache Is Gone

#20 Jacket Color Test. Not Yet.

#21 The Huge Rosé Comes With Huge Responsibility

#22 Mom Wtf Is This?

#23 Suicide Of A Sleepwalker

#24 Middle

#25 Bathroom In The Old Pepper

#26 Seasoning Is The Key

#27 Goulash Logistic

#28 Things You Shouldn’t Do In A Cemetery

#29 Best Before: See The Bottom.

#30 Medium-Rare