I Collected 27 Pictures Of Celebrities As Kids, And You Probably Won’t Recognize Them

I believe most of us are born unique, and sadly, it’s a given that not all of us are destined to become famous musicians, actors, athletes, or even someone like reality TV show stars. Therefore, sometimes it seems like the people we often see on our favorite TV shows, movies, and magazines might not be real people. For one, it might be quite difficult to relate and even imagine celebrities living normal, day-to-day lives that could be somewhat close to ours. But before all of this glamorous life, these movie stars and famous celebrities were just ordinary kids who might’ve been dreaming about being on the big stage one day.

Looking through quite a few celebrity Instagram accounts that I stumbled upon, I found some childhood pictures posted by the famous people themselves, and my curiosity only grew as I wanted to see some more comparisons of now and then. Therefore, I compiled a collection of pictures showing celebrities when they were young, and I’d like you to try and guess the names of some of them without looking them up! Let’s see how many you can recognize!

#1 Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Image credits: therock

#2 Adele

Image credits: adele

#3 Taylor Swift

Image credits: taylorswift

#4 Madonna

Image credits: madonna

#5 Beyoncé

Image credits: beyonce

#6 Catherine Zeta-Jones

Image credits: catherinezetajones

#7 Rihanna

Image credits: badgalriri

#8 Anne Hathaway

Image credits: annehathaway

#9 Ariana Grande

Image credits: arianagrande

#10 Selena Gomez

Image credits: selenagomez

#11 Heidi Klum

Image credits: heidiklum

#12 Millie Bobby Brown

Image credits: milliebobbybrown

#13 Julia Roberts

Image credits: juliaroberts

#14 Christina Aguilera

Image credits: xtina

#15 Katy Perry

Image credits: katyperry

#16 Usher

Image credits: usher

#17 Amanda Seyfried

Image credits: mingey

#18 Justin Timberlake

Image credits: justintimberlake

#19 Sarah Jessica Parker And Her Mother

Image credits: sarahjessicaparker

#20 Gigi Hadid And Her Grandmother

Image credits: gigihadid

#21 Miley Cyrus

Image credits: mileycyrus

#22 Jennifer Garner

Image credits: jennifer.garner

#23 Birtney Spears

Image credits: britneyspears

#24 Margot Robbie And Her Brother

Image credits: margotrobbie

#25 Gwyneth Paltrow

Image credits: gwynethpaltrow

#26 Hilary Duff

Image credits: hilaryduff

#27 Kim Kardashian

Image credits: kimkardashian