I Draw My Family As Cats In These 32 Mom Comics (New Pics)

I'm Chesca Hause or "Cat Mom" as I've been dubbed online. I may not be the #1 MOM, but I’m not doing so bad and I find people's flaws (especially my own) a huge source of amusement. I think that’s why a million people over various platforms now follow Litterbox Comics - people enjoy laughing at the mess of life together!

I started the comic 4 years ago because I had a hard time being a mom. I found comfort in sharing the ridiculous things that happened and building a community of moms who got it. What I didn't anticipate was how many non-moms would enjoy my comic too!

Although I still create some word-for-word comics from things that happened in real life, I consider the Cat Family to be their own “people” and hope to keep being able to draw their adventures even as my own kids grow.

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The "Joys of Motherhood" are pushed so hard that you can't help but feel like you're the problem when you don't spontaneously feel it.

I'd been a cartoonist since I was little, inspired by the greats such as Garfield, The Simpsons and Invader Zim and I desperately wanted to use my art to reach out to moms that might feel the same way. I already followed the fantastic Fowl Language and Hedger Humor and thought, "Maybe I could do a webcomic too?" The reactions to my first comics were very positive and I gained followers quickly - I knew I was onto something!



People ask if it's odd having strangers peek in on our lives. It probably would be if they were drawn to look like us, but having them as cats really helps! They're based on us, but I consider them their own "people" with exaggerated cartoon lives. They are meant to be ridiculous and often wrong, so if people react strongly, then I know I'm doing my job.

The biggest thing I'd like people to take away from my comics is that it's OK to not be OK. Nobody is perfect and the best thing you can do is not take yourself too seriously.  


Based on this tweet by @elspells13.


I've got a couple of new projects in the works. The first is a Patreon-exclusive comic following the Dog Family! Those comics are only released monthly, but they can’t be seen anywhere else! The other one is a compilation book of my comics, with a bunch of extra stuff drawn and written by me. I'm still working on that one, so it won't be in the shops until '23, but I'm very excited about it!



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Based on this tweet by @mommalibrarian.