“I Feel Like She Just Needs To Adapt”: Dad Refuses To Give Up Eating Meat To Appease Vegan Daughter, Wonders If He’s Wrong

Only a few topics are as contentious as our diet and food choices — particularly the vegan vs. meat eater debate. While we like to think that everyone’s dietary preferences are valid, tensions inevitably arise when people who choose different paths have to live together under one roof. And the issue becomes even more magnified when they try to force their personal beliefs onto others.

This story shared with the AITA community gives us insight into precisely such a situation. It comes from a dad whose daughter, a 14-year-old teen, decided to go vegan. While the couple jumped at the chance to show support with open minds and full hearts, the situation changed once she started criticizing how her parents run their lives in their own house.

And it all started with a pan. “She saw me cook bacon in a pan, and then I rinsed it out to load in the dishwasher. She exploded in anger,” the user wrote, detailing how things only escalated from there. Scroll down to read the story in full, as well as the reactions that followed. Be sure to decide for yourself where you land on the matter, and then weigh in on the discussion in the comments below!

After his daughter decided to go vegan, this dad jumped at the chance to show support in her dietary journey

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But when she started criticizing the way parents run their lives in their own house, he wondered where to draw the line

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Every family has their stories about conflict at the dinner table. But as the author notes in his story, people must learn to adapt and live side by side under one roof. While denying her demands to remove all foods which don’t accommodate her diet from the kitchen caused tension in the family dynamics, many readers found that to be a wise move. The vast majority of Redditors deemed the dad has every right to eat what he wants in his own home, and that the daughter should stop forcing her lifestyle on others.

With more and more young people around the world adopting healthier and more mindful lifestyle choices, these family conundrums may be more common than we think. According to Plant Protein’s sources, 6% of US consumers are vegan. Whether for health reasons, climate change, animal welfare, or to satisfy the curiosity of what the buzz is all about, vegan statistics show the plant-based population continues to spike. In fact, compared to previous years, it’s now spreading like wildfire. The vegan market has boomed, and restaurants and fast-food chains are starting to accommodate people with plant-based options.

When it comes to a vegan diet, the conversation has as much to do with the life philosophy and ethical commitments as with what’s on the plate. Sometimes emotions get heated and tensions arise, but clear communication and a sense of empathy from both sides can go a long way. To find a way out of this situation, family members need to sit down, have a conversation, and figure out what to do next so everyone can live in harmony.

According to an article on Live Strong, it’s important to consider family meals that work for everyone. While this will be hard, there are plenty of food choices to give you a variety of dishes to choose from. “My biggest tip for these families is to prepare meals that can be easily customized,” Paige Foote, RD, said. Dishes like burrito bowls and stir-fries are great because they use the same base ingredients of starch, protein, and vegetables.

“Depending on your family, everyone can prepare two or more variations of those base ingredients,” she added. “Most veggies should work for any diet, although it’s important to keep in mind how they’re prepared.” And if you’re concerned about cross-contamination, consider buying separate dishware or washing the existing equipment and utensils thoroughly.

Let us know your thoughts about this story down below. Do you think the dad is right to refuse his daughter’s request and draw the line? What would you personally do in this situation? Be sure to share your takes with us below, and if you have any tips for handling these situations better, feel free to tell us all about them in the comments!

The vast majority of readers expressed support for the dad’s decision, here’s what they had to say

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