I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying: These Stories Warmed Our Hearts

Let’s face it. Some days, life sucks. You wake up, and it seems like the whole day is already a write-off. In those moments, it helps to remember that people aren’t all bad, and that all it takes is a moment of connection or an act of kindness to turn everything around. These heartwarming stories are just the thing if you need to brighten up your day…but could also push you over the edge into ugly-cry territory. Get out the tissues for these touching stories that totally made us weep.

1. My Dog, the Hero

I stopped at 7-Eleven on my way home from the dog park with Brody. I left him in the car with the windows down, like I have frequently in the past three years. When I came back out, he was gone! I panicked and called him. He ran over to me, but when I opened the car door and told him to get in, he took off and ran behind the store. I followed him because this was very out of character for him.

I found him sitting by a dumpster being hugged by a ten-year-old boy. I tried to ask his name; he didn’t say a word. I called the police. Turned out someone in the neighborhood called in a missing autistic child. He’s a hero!


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