‘I’m Sorry! I’m Only 12!’ Karon Blake Pleaded For His Life, D.C. Gov’t Shooter Charged With Murder



We hate that we have to keep reporting on these things but sadly, without proper media attention, violence against Black people can easily be swept under  the rug. Not on our watch.

According to NBCWashington, an employee of the D.C. government has been arrested and charged with the second degree murder of Karon Blake. BOSSIP reported about this shooting back in July of last year when the suspect said he saw someone allegedly “tampering with a car” and decided the appropriate action was to discharge his weapon. The narrator says, “this was not appropriate”.

As a result, 41-year-old Jason Lewis is currently being held without bail until he appears in court on February 13.

The surveillance video described in the court documents states that Blake screamed “I’m sorry! I’m only 12!” as Lewis is seen firing rounds at both a “getaway car” and Blake. On Tuesday, the judge presiding over the case said that Lewis appeared to be the aggressor. Metropolitan Police Chief Robert says despite social media rumors alleging the race is at the heart of this killing, Lewis is an African-American man.

Clearly Chief Robert has never heard of self-hate.

In most states, killing someone for “tampering with a car” is not a self-defense justification but we’ll be watching this case to see if any new information is made public.