ICYMI: the top moments from last night’s Late Late Toy Show on RTÉ

This years Toy Show had a special place in peoples hearts and was hailed by many as the best Toy Show ever.

The Late Late Toy Show is one of the highlights of Irish programming, and this year was no exception.

In fact, this year the show arguably was even more special, as the joy and resilience of a number of Irelands children were beamed into households while complying with COVID-19 health and safety regulations.

The emphasis was less on flashy toys and the latest consoles and more on the stories of amazing young people who warmed our hearts and even caused us to shed a few tears (no shame in admitting it).

Every child who appeared on the show brought something unique to the programme, but we wanted to collect some of the moments that really touched the nation.

We want to stress however that its not a competition; every child who appeared on The Late Late Toy Show did an outstanding job and we imagine there are some very proud parents out there today.

So in case you didnt see the show last night (head to RT Player to catch up if you like), here is a compilation of some of the most heartwarming moments from The Late Late Toy Show 2020.

Cavan children and Michael Collins

There was some mighty representation for Co Cavan last night on The Late Late Toy Show

The trio of kids from Cavan, all sporting Cavan jerseys, wasted no time in talking about the important things; namely, Michael Collins.

When asked by host Ryan Tubridy what they liked about Michael Collins, the kids said he was in the RA.

They did an excellent job on Book Corner this year and heartily deserved the free years supply of books they won.

Adam Kings favourite porter

Adam Kings infectious smile, big brown eyes and matter-of-factness won the heart of the nation and cemented his position as a national treasure.

We loved the virtual hug sign he brought on stage and hearing him talk about his dream of working in NASA.

The entire segment was a delight from top to bottom but we have to say that the moment when Adam saw his favourite porter, John Doyle, we nearly lost it.

Doyle, who works as Head Porter at Temple Street Childrens Hospital, surprised Adam on stage and Adam could barely contain his excitement as he furiously waved.

Doyle had become a good friend to Adam during Adams stay in Temple while sick earlier this year.

It was a very special moment, one that reminded the country of the truly excellent work being done by frontline workers right now and always.

Saoirse Ruane inspires a nation

Saoirse Ruane tugged at the nations heartstrings while recounting the story of experiencing a pain in her ankle last year, while watching The Late Late Toy Show 2019 no less.

Soon after getting the pain checked out, doctors discovered a tumour, meaning Saoirse had to have the leg amputated.

She told host Ryan Tubridy about her desire to learn to walk on her new prosthetic, which was adorned with a unicorn.

One of her dreams was to be walking by Christmas, which Saoirse soon demonstrated on air that she had learned how to do.

Her segment coincided with the announcement of RTs Toy Show charity appeal, and were sure her amazing and inspiring story inspired a lot of donations to the worthy cause.

Jacky and the snooker

Listen we know the pubs are closed (and, crucially, Jacky is but a child), but did anyone else nearly want to grab a pint with the young man after seeing him last night on The Late Late Toy Show?

Between his laid-back demeanor (he called his own hometown of Dripsey, Cork a kip) and in-depth knowledge of snooker, we reckon Jacky is great craic all together.

And whats more, Irish snooker player Ken Doherty has said that Jacky and his family are going to be his personal VIP guests at the next snooker championships when the crowds are back. Result!

Dermot Kennedy surprises Michael

We reckon that young Michael Maloney has a great musical career in his future, particularly after seeing his level of professionalism on The Late Late Toy Show last night.

Even after musician Dermot Kennedy made a surprise appearance alongside Michael on the show, the young performer did not stop singing, nor did he even lose his composure.

He did, however, beam and look between Kennedy and the camera crew with a sense of amazement.

Kennedy made it clear he didnt intend to take a spotlight and seemed overjoyed to be able to inspire such a reaction; but it was still very clear that Michael was the star.

We even found out later that Kennedy signed a guitar for Michael and has offered him some recording studio time in Dublins Windmill Lane. Leo Varadkar may be quoting Michaels lyrics in speeches in no time.

Dr Saoirses diagnosis

The show was abound with Saoirses, it seems, and this Saoirse has some clear ambitions. The little red-headed girl told Ryan she wants to be a vet.

She demonstrated her eminent capability by going through how she would go about diagnosing a toy dog, dubbed Toby Tubridy, with COVID-19.

First, she explained, shed gathered contact tracing information. Toby didnt go wild but he DID have contact with three other dogs not in his household, a lockdown no-no for sure.

After seeing her administer a Pfizer vaccine and express her dismay at testing backlogs, we reckon the animals of the future are safe if future vet Saoirse is on the scene.

Ryan Tubridy says f*ck

Who among us has not accidentally said a swear in front of a child? Listen, no one. Its impossible. Sometimes you just have to say Ah for fucks sake, parrticularly when you spill Fanta on yourself.

So theres absolutely no judgement from us at Buzz HQ after seeing host Ryan Tubridy accidentally let a swear word slip while on the air.

We will admit though, it gave us some laugh. Nevertheless, Tubridy was, as he always is every year, a total pro. Theres no one else we could really imagine leading the Toy Show every year.

More than 5m raised in one evening

In keeping with the Roald Dahl theme of the evening, a quote from classic Dahl tale Matilda can sum everything up neatly: Somewhere inside all of us is the power to change the world

This is something that the people of Ireland proved last night after raising a staggering 5.2m for charity following RTs Toy Show charity appeal.

RT Toy Show Appeal has been set up as a dedicated fund, with monies raised to be distributed by The Community Foundation for Ireland, a registered charity with extensive experience in strategic giving, and helping a wide range of charities.