Idris Elba Releases Uplifting New Music Video For 2021

Idris Elba has released a new song, “Paradise Circus – Gospel 21”.

While Elba is best known for his acting roles, the actor shared the video and said, “I wrote this on 31 December 2020 and decided to put it out now. Forget all the maybes, bring on the ‘might as wells’….”

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In the three minute black and white music video, Elba sings his uplifting philosophy for the new year — emphasizing the importance of perseverance, being bold, and moving forward after leaving behind 2020.

“Forget all the maybes, bring on the ‘might as wells,’” he raps.

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“Feeling blessed because I still got my heart in my chest, still make checks and still make dreams, still putting food on the table for the seeds,” he said.

Elba actually contracted COVID-19 last year but was able to make the most of quarantine and isolation to create music.

The video, also directed by Elba, features the actor performing on a terrace interspliced with some upsetting and inspiring clips from 2020, including scenes from the COVID-19 pandemic, protests against police brutality, and more.