If you care about privacy, delete these 4 apps from your phone

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At WWDC 2021 a few days ago, Apple made it clear that the iPhone maker is doubling down on its commitment to privacy with future software updates, like the slew of privacy-related improvements coming to iOS 15 later this year. Among other things, those forthcoming changes will make it harder for marketers to snoop on users they send emails to, and the things that people do on the web will be obscured even more from prying eyes -- to say nothing of recent Apple enhancements like App Tracking Transparency, which lets iPhone users tell apps like Facebook to stop spying on things they do on the web outside of Facebook.

But even the best of intentions from a company that values user privacy, however, can't save those same users from themselves. Meaning, there are plenty of mobile apps a person could install onto their devices that can negate some or even much of the work that Apple is trying to accomplish here.

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