IN TWEETS: The most Irish reactions to England being knocked out of the World Cup


Croatia demolished England's World Cup dreams in their semi-final tonight and the Irish people have been very vocal about it.

Funnily enough, though, it seems a lot of Irish people were supporting the Three Lions tonight.

Of course, some were only supporting England for one reason and one reason only:

Please keep all the Irish people who pulled England from the office world cup pools in your thoughts as this tournament comes to a close. This is a very difficult time for us #ENGCRO

— Steph D (@Steph_DG) July 11, 2018

Anyway, most people were rooting for Croatia because not only would we actually cheer on pretty much anyone against the English, but we like Croatia, they have Rebic. He's alright like.

Tensions were high right through the game. Which clocked in at approximately 900 hours long.

Actual length of time since this game kicked off #ENGCRO

— (@buzzdotie) July 11, 2018

We've rounded up our favourite tweets from throughout the match of Irish people freaking the feck out as the game unfolded.

England went ahead less than five minutes intothe game and, well, some of the languageon display was less thansavoury.

1 nil! This is a Shakespearean tragedy! #ENGCRO #WorldCup

— Eleanore Hutch (@elehutch) July 11, 2018

I fully expect to see England fans smashing up an Italian restaurant later to spite the Croatians #ENGCRO

— Michael Fry (@BigDirtyFry) July 11, 2018

I'm going to need more vodka #ENGCRO

— Lynne Kelly (@lkellydub) July 11, 2018

This isn't funny Croatia #ENGCRO

— Sean Deegan (@SeanDeeganIrl) July 11, 2018

Sterling is an atrocious footballer, also a weak currency #Worldcup #ENGCRO

— Conor Losty (@Concondon4) July 11, 2018

Remember what happened the last time #ENG scored after 4 mins in a tournament. Just saying #ENGCRO

— Graham Carrick (@grahamcarrick84) July 11, 2018

Ya have to hand it to Croatia....really sound and sporting of them they way they keep passing the ball to England. #ENGCRO

— Dustin The Turkey (@DustinOfficial) July 11, 2018


— Monnie.S.R (@MonnieSR1) July 11, 2018

It looks bad for Croatia but just remember that it's where they film a lot of Game of Thrones.
I fully expect Modric to stab Gareth Southgate at half time while whispering "Sam Allardyce sends his regards" in his ears #ENGCRO

— Richy Craven (@RichyCraven) July 11, 2018

Vida looks like he should have an axe strapped to his back protecting Modric as they travel through an enchanted forest #ENGCRO

— Lenny TodayFM (@MarkLennyskillz) July 11, 2018

Thankfully, Croatiahit back and Irish twitter lit up while cheers were heard across the island:

A mighty cheer just rang out through my apartment complex #engcro

— Simon Greene (@simonpgreene) July 11, 2018


— Moon Zara (@Moonzara) July 11, 2018

Yes!!! #CROATIA #WorldCup #ENGCRO

— Leonie Marshall (@marshleon) July 11, 2018

Fuck! I never knew we had so many Croats living in Skerries & cheering their team on in my local boozer.#ENGCRO

— Fin (@TheHillBilly) July 11, 2018

Ambulances all over England hoping for the best as #Croatia pull one back. #ENGCRO 1-1

— Dara de Brn (@DaraDeBrun) July 11, 2018

Every pub in Portabello/Camden/Wexford St. in Dublin is packed out the door; like this is an Irish match. Cheering for Croatia like they are our talismans. Were totally over it. #ENGCRO

— Muireann O'Connell (@MuireannO_C) July 11, 2018

The streets: Football is great. This is so tense. Im football crazy, football mad. Strapping myself in for the torture of penalties #ENGCRO

The sheets: fucking #LoveIsland is going to be delayed

— EmerTheScreamer (@EmerTheScreamer) July 11, 2018

Then when it turned out we'd have to endure more stress as the game went to extra time, everyone seemed a bit...tired.

Thoughts & prayers with #LoveIsland fans right now

#EngCro #WorldCup

— ruthynf (@AgEisteacht1) July 11, 2018

Extra time is like the end bit at a nightclub. Everyone is sweaty and tired but theres a final desperate attempt to score. #ENGCRO

— TwistedDoodles (@twisteddoodles) July 11, 2018

Football is sitting on the runway. The flight crew are dealing with a rambunctious man from Zagreb who may need to be removed #ENGCRO

— Space Brian Continuum (@BriBriOnTour) July 11, 2018

This extra time lark is eating into my beer supply #ENGCRO

— Mo Dalton (@stockysocks) July 11, 2018

But then, the moment every Irish person was waiting for arrived and Croatia went ahead in the second half of extra time. England just couldn't pull it back and all hopes of football coming 'home' were destroyed for another few years.

"Dad, why are so many Irish towns twinned with Croatian towns?"
"Well, son, a long time ago, England thought they were going to win the World Cup..." #ENGCRO

— Aidan Comerford (@MrAComerford) July 11, 2018

Oh no. Now we are going to have to listen to England going on about 1966 for another 4 years! #ENGCRO

— IrishFlukey (@IrishFlukey) July 11, 2018

This sums up englands usual world cup run #ENGCRO

— ray meehan (@Muttsy7) July 11, 2018

The bus it was coming home on. #WorldCup #ENGCRO

— Niall MacLimh (@monaghanpenguin) July 11, 2018

Cmere Croatian Team, come to Ireland sometime, I guarantee ye wont have to put yer hands in your pockets for a pint all night . #EnglandvsCroatia #CROENG #ENGCRO

— Rebekah (@Ormakapay) July 11, 2018

This'll be Ireland's fault by the end of the week, once the attention turns back to #Brexit.#ENGCRO

— Dara de Brn (@DaraDeBrun) July 11, 2018

Ah hard luck to the English team (we mutter under out breath half-heartedly).