Instagram- Ashanti New Boyfriend Name Revealed- Everything On Her Ex-Boyfriend and Past Relationships

Meet Ashanti New Boyfriend On Instagram: Everything On Her Ex-Boyfriend and Past Relationships Ashanti is an American singer and songwriter, rumors about Ashanti’s new boyfriend, Flo Rida. Learn everything about her relationship history.
Ashanti is a well-known singer and songwriter. She is one of the most controversial artists. 
She is active in the music industry since 1999 and has worked with different recording labels, including Murder Inc.
Her eponymous debut album was released in 2002, and it was one of her greatest hits. Apart from that, Ashanti has also appeared in various movies such as Stuck, Malcolm X, etc. 
Likewise, she has won 35 awards and has been nominated for more than popular awards.  Instagram: Ashanti New Boyfriend Name Revealed
Ashanti is one of the most controversial ladies as she has dated many boys, and recently, Ashanti revealed her new boyfriend on her Instagram account.
Furthermore, Ashanti shared a picture with a guy attending a ceremony. 
On that post, most of her fans were surprised that it might be her new boyfriend. But Ashanti has not admitted it yet.  Everything On Ashanti’s Ex-Boyfriend And Past Relationship
Ashanti was in a relationship with the rapper Nelly. They met each other at a press conference for the 2003 Grammy Awards on January 1, 2003. But later, they were not able to continue their relationship and ended it.
After that, rumors were created that Ashanti was dating Chink Santana. But she did not accept that controversy.
Likewise, Ashanti appeared with the athlete Darnell Dockett at the show Meredith Vieira Show
But surprisingly, Darnell was a married man, and her wife posted a picture with their two children. So, Darnell and Ashanti ended their relation.
After Darnell, most of her fans were confused about whether she dated James Harden or not. 
James Harden is a Huston Rockets player and was together spotted publicly. However, the relation with James is still a mystery.
Besides, Ashanti and rapper Joyner Lucas released a music video where they were kissing each other. 
So from that scene, we can assume that Ashanti was also dating Joyner.
Apart from all her rumors and past relationship, she has not announced her present relationship status. She is enjoying a free life with her friends.