‘Instagram vs. Reality’ Exposes The Truth About Those Unrealistically ‘Perfect’ Pics (119 New Pics)

Most of us are probably guilty of polishing our social media accounts. Some, however, don't stop there. They go above and beyond, inventing a totally new self. Luckily, the subreddit r/Instagramreality is dedicated to exposing these fakes, and allow us to see their true colors. With 598k active members, they regularly post new findings that sometimes look too bad to be true. Yet they are. If you're done scrolling and wish to check out more similar pics, fire up our other Instagram vs. Reality posts here and here.

#1 When You're Influencing So Hard You Grow A Second Bellybutton

Image credits: marrewerre

#2 Her Booty Just Melts Into The Seat

Image credits: SweetJazz25

#3 Good Old Fashioned Facebook. These Are Going To Give Me Nightmares

Image credits: posey98

#4 Going Hiking

Image credits: Muppy

#5 That Cloud Wont Leave Her Alone..

Image credits: your-missing-mom

#6 People Really Think They Can Photoshop Themselves Ten Pounds Lighter And Then Walk Out In Public Like No One Will Notice

Image credits: EvalynHTX

#7 Devil Really Is In The Details

Image credits: abberlaine_arrol

#8 He Looks Like A Cgi Character. I Honestly Thought That’s What This Was, But His Whole Ig Is Extremely Edited Like This

Image credits: austinpurrs

#9 Spotted On Twitter

Image credits: LoveSicKWAR

#10 Same Day Comparison

Image credits: franklyfranka

#11 He “Travels” The World And He Has His Own Personal Fence Following Him Around The World

Image credits: Purple_Lamas

#12 The Longer You Look, The Stranger It Gets.

Image credits: SCBeauty

#13 Don’t Doubt It

Image credits: seemesometime

#14 This Sub Summarized In A Picture

Image credits: MaddieThePie

#15 A Strong One

Image credits: mr_kord

#16 I Started Paying Attention To The Clouds Ever Since I Saw The Post On Here..

Image credits: Snugglepuff1

#17 This Hurt My Eyes

Image credits: ichabod28

#18 Not Getting This Voldemort Nose Trend

Image credits: WileyWiggins

#19 The Gift That Keeps On Giving!

Image credits: Garden_Jose

#20 The Longer You Look The Stranger It Gets

Image credits: limetostitos69

#21 Unedited Background For Reference :(

Image credits: scHoolboyquinoa

#22 10m Followers...

Image credits: idolatrinee

#23 Me On Instagram vs. When You Walk Into Me At The Supermarket

Image credits: GoldKatana

#24 100% White Swedish Influencer (Blackfishing)

Image credits: modudupup

#25 They've Infiltrated Linkedin...

Image credits: Leto_Atreides_I

#26 The Razor Burn Is Real

Image credits: nokia621

#27 Sims Character Irl

Image credits: diszentreist

#28 How Do You Breathe With A Nose This Thin

Image credits: shrinkingbabe

#29 Instagram vs. Tagged Photo

Image credits: jezebellrae

#30 Look Out For Blurred Backgrounds

Image credits: Mary-w-thelamb

#31 “Nose Contouring”

Image credits: AntiqueStore

#32 That Door Trim Is Looking A Little Bent ?

Image credits: kaanapalikid

#33 She Added A Fake Volleyball Into The Picture...

Image credits: nyzoran

#34 Blogger Who Claims She’s Never Had Any Plastic Surgery Or Edits Her Photos.

Image credits: sablin007

#35 Not A Before After Filter.. But A Before And After Real Life...

Image credits: aprilallover

#36 Came Across This Gem Looking At Dress Reviews

Image credits: yoursundaycandy

#37 I’m Literally Terrified

Image credits: Joce7

#38 Not Insta But... I Can't Even...

Image credits: sinmantky

#39 What Happens Over 3 Years As An “Influencer”. Her Skin Looks Burnt To A Crisp

Image credits: MsLunaValentine

#40 Teeth Brighter Than My Future

Image credits: Sophiejc123

#41 Pores? Never Heard Of Em’

Image credits: NebulaSlayer

#42 All Her Pictures Look Like This

Image credits: kentucky_bunny

#43 Girl Where’s Your Nose

Image credits: unicorn_gangbang

#44 When You Facetune Your Skin To Oblivion But Forget To Adjust Your Claw

Image credits: savage0ne1

#45 Her Profile Picture Versus Video

Image credits: cherrimubi

#46 Everyone In The Comments Was Saying How Beautiful She Looks, But No One Bothered To Point Out The Nose Smoothed Out Into Oblivion.

Image credits: nightmarejellyfish

#47 A Sickness For The Thickness ?

Image credits: AnotherMidwestMike

#48 Whatever The Hell Is Going On Here

Image credits: reallarrydavid

#49 Found A Good One

Image credits: thecreat0r

#50 Found This Titled: “Turn From Incel To Chad”

Image credits: zombiekiler1001

#51 Selfie vs. Tagged Photo

Image credits: travelator

#52 I Feel Uncomfortable Looking At Them.

Image credits: chaeyokim

#53 Hmm...similar

Image credits: voluntarybutler

#54 Even 81 Years Old TV Hosts Aren't Safe From Brutal Filters!

Image credits: forbidden_snowflake

#55 All Of Her Photos Look Ridiculously Edited

Image credits: zen-stab

#56 They Installed Weird Fences In This Stadium

Image credits: donttouchmyfartbox

#57 There’s Quite A Difference Here For Someone Who Judges Others So Harshly...

Image credits: butter-leg

#58 Hmmmmm

Image credits: kingamara

#59 Armpits As Smooth As A Barbie

Image credits: myredditusername28

#60 Hello Tiny Hand!

Image credits: bearbear_123

#61 Uhhhhhhh? Genuinely No Words

Image credits: buryfiends

#62 Sweet Doorframe

Image credits: bambinablu

#63 Old School Photoshop - Joan Crawford

Image credits: black_gilliflower

#64 Never Cross Your Baby Daddy

Image credits: afterallthstime

#65 Nice Beard Bro

Image credits: MonkeyChris

#66 Her Account On The Left, Tagged Photo On The Right

Image credits: michaelacs

#67 Looking Like A Whole Different Person On The Bottom Row

Image credits: Pookiebobi

#68 Oh Sweetie...the Bars Though ?

Image credits: lindsgee

#69 Smooth Criminal

Image credits: snowinginthesmoke

#70 “It’s The Lighting”

Image credits: atbzrrr

#71 Posted On Her Page vs. Tagged Photos

Image credits: uniivrs

#72 I Feel Like No One Ever Calls Out This Influencer For Her Blatant Photoshop - Left Is Insta Pics, Right Is Video Stills

Image credits: Jillexists

#73 Pretty Popular Cosplayer. Says Her Waist Is That Tiny Because She’s Worn Corsets For 3 Years

Image credits: schrodingershousecat

#74 Woman Shows How Easily Photos Can Be Edited. I Think This Also Sheds Light On How Some People Will Post “Imperfect/Raw/Empowering” Photos And Those May Still Be Edited Too!

Image credits: rieslingplease

#75 Surprise! I Don't Live In A Fancy House With Marble Countertops.

Image credits: iliketocookstuff

#76 In The Video She Was In, She Said She Promotes Realness. Her Face Looks So Different

Image credits: sawape

#77 What She Posts On Instagram vs. What My Friend Just Posted With Her

Image credits: kkgreen14

#78 She Left The Crosshair In.....

Image credits: mistress_alexa

#79 This Instagram/Reality Looks More Like Daughter/Mom But Unfortunately It’s The Same Person

Image credits: malicesfx

#80 Girl. We Can See What You Look Like On TV. What Are You Doing

Image credits: sugarandspicedrum

#81 This Woman On Poshmark Edits The Ever-Living F**k Out Of Her Posts. Almost Every Photo Is Like This

Image credits: thinkingclairely

#82 Photoshop vs. Real Life

Image credits: xUnoriginal

#83 Nose? Skin Texture? Never Heard Of Them.

Image credits: teenybeany

#84 Who Needs To Buy Nunchucks

Image credits: Anonredditthoughts

#85 Why Ruin A Perfectly Beautiful Door?

Image credits: thelionmermaid

#86 He Looks Like An Actual Dorito

Image credits: unoriginal_bird

#87 A Selfie From His Instagram vs. A Picture From An Interview

Image credits: CookiePixell

#88 She Always Facetunes The Weirdest Things

Image credits: Zaza9000

#89 I Think A Lot Of You Will Know Who This Is. Filter Is What He Wants His Little Teenage Fans To Think He Is. He Also Filters All Of His Youtube Videos So You Cant See His Red Skin.

Image credits: quinnpenskey

#90 I Think I Found My Very First Booty Edit!

Image credits: Buzbyy

#91 I’m Mad

Image credits: PM_ME_UR_PUPPY_PICS_

#92 After Years Or Comparing Myself To Her (Like Her 1.2million Other Followers) I Started Noticing How Her Waist Pulls In Wrists And Fingers

Image credits: basicblanca

#93 I’m Not Sure What’s Going On Here

Image credits: mekamackic

#94 Shopping On A Chinese Website And I’m Finding It Really Difficult To Gauge How It Would Look On My Body When I See Photos Like This

Image credits: cheryl2point0

#95 Finally Caught One In The Wild...look At That Forearm

Image credits: tongueclucker

#96 Left, Walking The Runway For A Swimware Company; Right, Modeling Swimwear For Her *own* Company Where She Is The Sole Model. Company's Tagline Is "Beauty Has No Size."

Image credits: strwbryshortcomings

#97 People Have Been Asking Her To Do Video Makeup Tutorials For Years, Probably To See What She Really Looks Like.

Image credits: lessteeth_moretits

#98 You Know What’s Up

Image credits: Emilythepotato

#99 One Of The Best Examples Of Instagram vs. Reality.

Image credits: jlm8981victorian

#100 Ig vs. Real Life

Image credits: cowskin--

#101 Tagged Photo vs. Instagram Photo.

Image credits: PallasWallas

#102 Her Whole Page Is A "Thicc" Fantasy

Image credits: mandible0322

#103 Looks Like A Deflated Imvu Character

Image credits: atbzrrr

#104 Her Instagram vs. Her Tagged Photos :o

Image credits: shinymakeup

#105 Well-Known Youtuber Scores A Collab With Colourpop...colourpop Makes Her Almost Unrecognizable.

Image credits: sage-and-sea-salt