iPhone Hidden Features You Probably Didn’t Know About

Apple iPhone is one of the leading smartphones. It is launched for the first time back in 2007. Since then, iPhone has been known for its brand, features, and luxury feeling. It is said that currently, more than 1 billion people are using Apple iPhone worldwide. If we talk about only the USA, then iPhone has a 65% shared market, a remarkable achievement.

If you are an iPhone user, then this article is for you. People most probably know all the main common features. However, there are some cool iPhone tricks and hidden secrets that users probably don’t know. Therefore, we will share some of the best iPhone tips and tricks in this article.

iPhone Hidden Secrets, Tips, and Tricks:

You are reading this article probably because you are already an iPhone user or planning to become one. In either case, readers must have some questions right now like:

  • What can my iPhone do that I don't know about?

  • What are some cool features on the iPhone?

  • What are some iPhone tricks?

So, here is the answer to all these questions. Some of the best iPhone hidden secrets, tips, and tricks are the following:

Siri Shortcuts:

Individuals probably already have heard about the iPhone AI assistant, Siri but never used it before. However, it is the most powerful feature of the smartphone, and people should start using it if they haven’t already. 

With Siri, users can automate most of their work. For example, they can set schedules for different things like turn off Do not Disturb mode at 8 PM. People can also ask Siri to make a phone call for them or open a particular app. In short, users can do as many things as they can think of. So, make Siri your personal assistant today.

Zoom with Three Fingers:

It is another feature that is disabled by default. Users probably sometimes need to zoom in and out of the device screen. Well, now individuals can do it with three fingers. You can enable this feature by going to Settings-> General-> Accessibility-> Zoom.

Quick Call Back/Redial:

If you want to call back to someone, you most probably open the call logs, go to recent, and then dial the number. It’s a bit lengthy process, right? So here is the trick, you just need to open “Dial” and hit the green dial button. It will automatically call the last person you contact with.

Hide Photos:

Yes, people can hide some private photos that they don’t want to show to their friends or family members. Users can apply this trick simply by opening a picture, tap on the Share button, and a small message window will pop up. They can select Hide from there and make their photos hidden. 

Web Browser Suffixes:

We often need to search on web browsers like Google Chrome or Safari. Adding a full website address can be hectic and takes time. However, people can do it quickly with this small but probably helpful trick. An iPhone user needs to hold the “.” button on the keyboard, and some suggestions will pop up. 

While browsing the internet, people must keep themselves secure. iPhone has a built-in data protection function, but in any case, to reliably protect your phone from malware and spyware, better additionally install VPN on your device. There are many IOS VPN app on the app store. People may have a question here: “What is VPN for iPhone?”

It is the most common question. VPN is also known as Virtual Private Network, is a way to keep your iPhone or any other device secure and private from hackers while using the internet. We recommend users VeePN to download for IOS as it is the best VPN right now.

It’s crucial to have a secure and encrypted IOS VPN app on your phone. 

Custom Replies to Missed calls:

There are times when people can’t receive a call. Users can save custom replies, so they simply send a quick message to another person when they are busy. You can save custom replies by going to Settings-> Phone-> Respond with text. Users can set as many messages as they want. 


Apple is one of the major smartphone companies in the market. iPhone is of the most demanding smartphones over the years. There has been a significant increase in iPhone users, and this number is still growing. However, people need to explore some iPhone tips and tricks to get most of their iPhones.

While learning tips and tricks is quite fun, keeping your device secure while using the internet is also important. Use VeePN VPN to get an anonymous IP address while browsing the internet.