Is Brooks Garner Leaving Fox31? What Happened To Him and Where Is He Now?

Is Brooks Garner Leaving Fox31? Here Is Everything We Know Table of Contents
Rumors about Brooks Garner Leaving the Faox31 have been spread all over the internet. Let us, deep-dive, into the matter.
Brooks Garner is a meteorologist and weather reporter at the Fox31 news channel.
He is an award-winning meteorologist. He has won Emmy’s AP award and a Murrow.
There are a lot of rumors spread about the genius weather forecaster leaving the Fox31 news. 
Brooks Garner currently works as a TV meteorologist for about now 20 years. Brooks’s career began with KMEG in Lowa. 
Brooks Garner
July 24 Age

Erica Garner
Is Brooks Garner Leaving Fox31?
No, Brooks Garner is not leaving Fox31. 
Brooks is a man dedicated to his work and career. He has loved his job every day enjoying it and wants to always be in that place. 
As of now, there is no confirmation by Brooks on leaving his current job at the Fox31 news. Also, FOX31 has not said anything about this. 
So, the news of Garner’s departure seems to be nothing more than a rumor. 
He can be seen from 4:39 to 9:00 a.m. during the weekdays on the FOX31 morning news. He joined Pinpoint weather in August 2019.
Before that, Brooks used to work at the KHOU Houston as a weekday weatherman. He worked there for about 6 years. What Happened To Brooks Garner?
All these questions have raised after Brooks took leave for a day.
Brooks Garner was not seen at its news portal at his regular time. This is the only reason so people started flooding the internet with questions. 
Brooks is totally fine and is returning to his normal time and nothing has happened to him as of now. 
All of his latest tweets show that he is still in the show and is going to be live daily.  Loving life on this beautiful Friday! Feeling absolutely blessed to have a happy and healthy family.
We went to the museum and my 2yo roared like a dinosaur while my CO-native baby soaked in fresh air as we strolled around the park.
Catch me Sunday AM on #FOX31, filling in!
— Brooks Garner (@BrooksWeather) April 30, 2021 Where Is Brooks Garner Now?
Brooks Garner is now at his regular place. 
Brooks’s latest tweets show him standing at the green screen and performing the weather forecast. 
Brooks lives with his wife Erica and two daughters owning two Australian Shepherds. 
Many have speculated that he would be leaving FOX31 but as of now, there is no news about that.