Is Dua Saleh Non Binary? His/Her Gender Age Height, Religion Net Worth and Instagram

What Gender Is Dua Saleh? Meet The Sudanese American Artist On Instagram Table of Contents
Sudanese-American artist Dua Saleh describes their gender as non-binary. Here’s everything to know about the multi-talented artist.
Dua is a recording artist, poet, songwriter, and actor. Further, their primary genre is pop, rap, and R&B.
They recently appeared as a new character, Cal, a non-binary student, in the 3rd Season of the Netflix series Sex Education.
Sex Education Season 3 is releasing in September 2021.
Is Dua Saleh Non Binary? Their Gender
Dua Saleh defines themself as a non-binary GNC, where GNC stands from Gender Non-Conforming.
They use the pronouns they/them, and sometimes he/him and xe/xyr.
Similarly, they attended Augsburg University for a double major in Gender, Women’s, & Sexuality Studies and Sociology. 
They came out when in the second year of university. In the Netflix series, they are also representing the actual gender identity as they have come out. Dua Saleh Age & Height
Dua Saleh seems to be at the age of 25-30 years old.
However, any further details about his age are not available anywhere.
At the age of 5, they had to flee from Sudan with their family in the 1990s, making us assume that they must be around 30.
They were born in Kassala, Sudan, but have settled in Minneapolis, St. Paul, as their home.
Similarly, Dua Saleh seems to have a decent-looking height of over 5 feet 8 inches.
Dua Saleh Religion
Dua Saleh follows Islam as their religion and has already made thier faith towards Islam transparent to the media.
Similarly, Saleh’s family has a Tunjur heritage which is a Sunni Muslim ethnic group.
Further, they are originally from Chad and fled Sudan as they became refugees after the Second Sudanese Civil War. 
Dua Saleh Net Worth
Dua Saleh has yet to have his exact net worth estimated by the official sources.
However, their career as a musical artists seems to have taken off well for them, so we can assume he is doing quite well. Similarly, their debut extended play, Nūr, was released in January 2019. Moreover, their second album Rosetta came out in June of the following year.
Dua Saleh On Instagram
Dua Saleh is present and active on Instagram as @doitlikedua among 37k followers with 102 posts.
They choose the platform to promote their music primarily.