Is Rupiah Banda Dead Or Alive? His Sickness Family And Net Worth

Is Rupiah Banda Dead Or Alive? Details To Know About His Family And Sickness Table of Contents
Recently, the news is spreading on social media that Rupiah Banda is passed away today, who was seen mourning the death of the first president of Zambia, Kenneth Kaunda(KK), last week 17 June 2021. 
Rupiah Banda is a Zambian Politician.
He was the fourth president of Zambia, served from 2008 to 2011. 
Even when Mwanawasa was suffering from stroke, Banda became the acting president. 
During the late Kenneth Kaunda presidency, Banda was in crucial diplomatic posts and was actively involved in politics as a United National Independence Party (UNIP)’s a member.
Furthermore, Rupiah Banda was famous as the top diplomat in Zambia. 
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Is Rupiah Banda Dead Or Alive?
As per social media, Rupiah Banda is dead. 
Today, the news about the death of former Zambia President Rupiah Banda is spreading all over social media. 
However, there is not any news published by official news media yet about Rrupiah’s death. 
Hence, we can’t conclude that Rupiah is dead based on social media posts. 
Moreover, Rupiah was telling the media that he was shocked by the death of KK last week. 
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Rupiah Banda’s Sickness
Rupiah Banda was diagnosed with colon cancer.
At the end of the year 2020, Rupia Banda’s publicly revealed his sickness from the office. 
Details On Rupiah Banda Family
Rupiah Banda married his first wife named Hope Mmwansa Makulu in 1966.
Sadly, Hope died on 11 October 2000.
Moreover, from his first wife, he had three sons. Out of which, he has only two sons.
Rupiah’s second wife is Thandiwe Banda, who is also a popular politician in Zambia.
Additionally, Thandiwe. is more than 30 years junior than Rupiah. The couple is blessed with twins.
What Is Rupia Banda Net Worth?
The exact valuation of Rupiah Banda’s net worth isn’t stated on the web portals.
However, considering his years of work experience as the politician of Zambia, we can assume that Rupia Banda has collected an impressive amount of net worth.