“It Really Left A Sour Taste In My Mouth”: Employee Maliciously Complies With Company’s Policy By Making Sure To Fully Spend Her Daily Limit On Food When She’s On A Work Trip

There are all kinds of jobs that require different levels of expertise as well as being able to travel when needed. Usually, such workplaces make sure to provide their employees with certain benefits that would allow them to be fully concentrated on their work duties and not think about things such as food and accommodation expenses. But sometimes even perks such as these can lead to confusion. This is why one Reddit user, @CinnamonBunBun, decided to share her work-related story with other people online. The woman revealed that she has to travel a lot because of her job. Having in mind how busy she is and how hard it is sometimes for her to find a place and time to eat, she admitted that sometimes she skips her meals or just gets a cup of coffee. The narrator also shared that in situations where employees have to travel, they are given $30 a day to spend on food, which sounds like a good thing that the employee tend to use.

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A woman online shared how her workplace made her change her money-spending habits by rejecting her expenses when she went $1.50 over her daily budget

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The woman continued her story, stating that despite this sum being just fine for most of the time, sometimes it’s hard to fit in $30. For quite some time, there were no problems, because it wasn’t every day that the woman would use the whole amount, so the company had no trouble balancing out the expenses. However, everything changed when the company made some changes, and now someone else was responsible for checking and taking care of these daily expenses.

The story started with the woman stating that she travels a lot for her work and that because of this, she’s allowed to spend $30 per day on food

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Everything started with the employee spending a little bit over the settled amount and providing her expenses to the company with the amount of $31.50. Previously she’d had no problem with this, but now the newly assigned team didn’t approve of this and rejected her report as it was “over the daily limit.”

The employee knew that sometimes she can go a little bit over that amount because the team back at the company was able to balance it out

However, the newly assigned team decided that she couldn’t do this anymore and rejected her expenses

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The woman tried to explain how the previous system worked and that they should be able to balance it out with times she didn’t use her daily allowance. However, she was shut down and this left her upset. This is when the woman decided that she would make sure to spend the given $30 every day, no matter if she was hungry or not. The author of the post revealed that she would buy some food that she would bring home to her husband, or simply take something for the sake of spending the money.

This situation left woman upset so she decided that now she will make sure to spend the whole amount no matter what

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The employee who used to provide the company with expenses that were as low as $100 a month would now come back with bills that were 2-3 times higher. The woman also shared that she used to work all day without any breaks, but this situation made her realize that she shouldn’t do this for them, and so she now always makes sure to take her 30-minute break.

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People online were quick to share their own experiences of spending work allowance. Some of them would buy restaurant gift cards or spend this money on other people’s orders. Some users revealed their company’s policy that would sometimes also put them in an uncomfortable position. Other people online noticed that $30 a day isn’t a lot and that their companies usually offer something between $75-$100. In the comments, the woman revealed that she’s been looking for a new job as she’s no longer happy with the way she’s been treated in the current company.

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People online started providing the employee with tips and tricks for using the money to help others who need food if she doesn’t feel like spending it on herself

Some users online also shared their own experience while having to travel for work and use the company’s money for food and other needs

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