Italy's Lombardy region sees new measures put in place to deal with second wave of COVID-19

The Lombardy region in the North of Italy will have new measures coming into effect at midnight tonight in an effort to suppress a second wave of the coronavirus.

The Lombardy region in Italy where the first European cases of COVID-19 were reported, was one of the worst affected areas in Europe at the beginning of the pandemic.

Now, as cases begin to rise again, Italian officials have put a number of strict measures in place for the entire region.

The new restrictions will be in place until November 6, with all bars ordered to close from midnight tonight.

Italy new restrictions, Lombardy region

People living in the region will also be banned from visiting elderly family and friends unless there is authorisation from medical professionals given.

The news comes after Italy reported 10,000 new cases of the coronavirus within a 24 hour period.

Last week, health officials made it compulsory for everyone to wear masks outdoors, and extended their state of emergency until January 31, 2021.

The area of Campania has also introduced new measures to curb the spread of the virus, including closing schools, and banning parties and funeral processions.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Italy has reported over 392,000 cases of COVID-19, while the death toll currently sits at 36,427.