J.J. Abrams Adds A Live-Action ‘Speed Racer’ Series To The Towering List Of Projects He’s Working On

It’s been a few years since there was a proper J.J. Abrams movie or show — The Rise of Skywalker, to be exact. It might be a while longer still till there’s another. On Wednesday, it was reported that his long-gestating HBO show Demimonde is in danger of being put on hold, partly due to its immense budget. That same day it was announced Abrams was already busy at work on yet another one, this time a reboot of IP that’s already made for an underperforming (but pretty great) blockbuster.

As per Variety, Abrams’ name is on Apple’s live-action TV revival of Speed Racer, the Japanese franchise that began as a manga, was turned into a beloved ‘60s TV show, and was also adapted into arguably the wildest movie Lana and Lilly Wachowski ever made. Abrams would only be an executive producer, as he has been on such shows as Westworld, Castle Rock, and Lovecraft Country. Therefore, it has a better chance of actually getting made than the many shows he’s promised the likes of HBO, Netflix, and Apple, including the DC series Constantine and Madame X, both of which are still in the writing phase.

Should the Abrams-shepherded Speed Racer get off the ground, it would fulfill a dream he’s had since at least the 1990s. Back then, Abrams — still mainly a film screenwriter and producer, whose credits included Regarding Henry, Forever Young, and the Danny Glover-Joe Pesci comedy Gone Fishin’ — had written a script for a big Speed Racer movie, which got approval from no less than Quentin Tarantino, hot off Pulp Fiction. Tarantino even thought Abrams had “cracked” the source. But obviously he didn’t make it, and the rest is history — and, perhaps, future.

(Via Variety)