James Harden On Chemistry With Brooklyn Nets: “When You Play With Really Really Good Players, It’s Pretty Easy.”

Credit: Getty Images

James Harden is one of the premier scorers in the league, and a player that has the ability to score from anywhere on the court. He is equally adept at passing the ball, possessing the vision to set up his wide-open teammates for easy baskets. All of James Harden’s skills were reflected in his legendary, triple-double debut with the Brooklyn Nets. It seemed as if Harden’s already developed some chemistry with his teammates.

In the postgame interview after his debut, James Harden commented on his budding chemistry with his new teammates. James Harden praised his teammates, saying that they made it easier for him.

Kevin Durant is surely a huge part of what Harden is referring to. Kevin Durant is the type of legendary player that makes things easier for his teammates due to his ability to command a large part of the defense’s attention. James Harden is a similar caliber player to Durant, so their partnership will probably form quicker due to their high basketball IQ.

James Harden was an amazing addition for the Nets. Sure, he came with a lot of risks. But draft picks don’t guarantee a player like Harden: that is why the Nets risked their future in the hopes of a championship. James Harden will supercharge the Nets’ offense, and when Kyrie Irving comes back, the Nets will be pretty tough to beat.