Jared Leto Admits He Once Got Fired From A Movie Theatre For Selling Weed

Jared Leto chats about working in a movie theatre, his new film “House of Gucci” and more on Wednesday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show”.

Leto explains why he loved working on his latest flick, suggesting DeGeneres is his lucky charm since he won the Academy Award for “Dallas Buyers Club” when she hosted the ceremony, and there’s Oscar buzz surrounding his role as Paulo Gucci.

Insisting it’ll be great that the movie will be in theatres, Leto admits: “I actually worked in a movie theatre when I was a kid, and I got fired for selling weed out the back door.”

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“You were hustling,” DeGeneres responds, to which the actor replies: “That’s right!”

The host laughs, “You were trying to sell popcorn and weed at the same time, what’s wrong with that?” as Leto responds: “They go well together!”

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Leto also discusses his passion for rock climbing with his climbing mentor, “Free Solo” star Alex Honnold, as well as playing a game of “Ellen’s Burning Questions”.

In the segment, the star admits to often eating naked, shares how he lost his “head” and more.