Jazz Correia Age Wikipedia and Fortune Of The Billionaire Family

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Jazz Correia, aged 28, is a reality television star who debut on the small screen in 2015 with the show, Who Wants To Marry My Son?. 
Jazz Correia, whose full name is Jazmin Lanfranchi Shooter, is a reality TV contestant and social media influencer.
She is best known for participating in season 4 of the reality show, Who Wants To Marry My Son?. 
Jazz has also participated in shows like “Les Anges 8” and “La Villa des coeurs brisés 2 et 3” in 2016. Most recently, she was seen in the show La Villa des cœurs brisés 3 alongside her husband, Laurent Correia.  Jazz Correia Age and Wikipedia
Reality Tv star Jazz Correia’s age is 28 years old as of April 2021. 
She was born in the year 1992 in Chelsea, England, United Kingdom, and holds a British nationality.
Also, she blows her birthday candle on the day of 4th June every year. 
Further, she has not been featured on an official Wikipedia bio despite being a popular reality Tv contestant. But, her short biography is published in several web portals.
As a social media influencer, Jazz has also started a YouTube channel under the JLC Family where she gives a frequent update about her life in Dubai with her husband and children. 
On a personal note, Jazz underwent several cosmetic surgeries in early 2017 due to heavy criticism she faced on her appearance. 
She had a famous blogger and YouTuber Jeremstar film her surgeries that included liposuction, breast augmentation, and lipofilling of the buttocks.  Jazz Correia Net Worth: Fortune of The Billionaire Explored
The verified net worth of Jazz Correia has not been determined by any official sources yet. 
However, she is an owner of a successful YouTube channel. Also, she with her husband launched their own reality TV show during mini-seasons, TFX: The incredible marriage of Jazz and Laurent, A dream Christmas in Dubai. 
Therefore, there’s no doubt she has accumulated a generous amount of net worth to afford more than just a comfortable lifestyle. 
Jazz Correia Spouse Laurent Correia and Family
Jazz Correia first met her husband, Laurent Correia, at a party with her friends. The pair hit it off instantly and it wasn’t long before they were dating.
Jazz and Laurent got married in October 2018 in a beautiful location in Cannes. Further, she gave birth to her first baby daughter in December 2017, who they named Chelsea. 
Similarly, Jazz’s second child, a son Cayden, was born in Feb. 2019. Currently, she is settled in Dubai with her family. 
Taking about her maiden family, Jazz is the sister of Eva Queen, a popular singer. But, there’s no information available about her parents in the media currently.