Jennifer Zamparelli calls off 2FM open discussion on face coverings due to heavy criticism

The 2FM DJ received a lot of online backlash after announcing she would host an open discussion about face coverings this morning

RT 2FM DJ Jennifer Zamparelli called off a planned open discussion on the wearing of face coverings on her radio show this morning.

Zamparelli received a lot of online backlash after asking listeners for their views on face masks and announcing she would be discussing the matter earlier today.

On Monday she tweeted: ''We are having an open discussion on my show on @RTE2fm tomorrow about face masks.

"Do you have strong opinions on wearing them or not wearing them? Id love to hear from you. Mail me [email protected]''

Many social media users argued hosting the discussion would give anti-mask wearers a platform.

Speaking on the air this morning, the DJ explained the discussion had been called off after an "emotional 24 hours".

She clarified that her tweet was misinterpreted, however, she added that she could have used different wording, accepting the word she used could have "misled" people.

She said: So we had booked a guest, a great guest who was going to talk about the psychology of why, in the face of a global pandemic, people refuse to wear masks against all medical advice or compassion for those around them these people still think they are above it.

Who are these people? And why do they think they dont have to wear one? I wanted to understand them because I wear my mask, Ive been wearing my mask since before they were mandatory, and businesses have closed and people have gotten sick and people have died and the scenes over the weekend absolutely horrified me.

So who the hell are these people? So I took to Twitter to ask what your thoughts were. Now, unfortunately, my tweet, I used the word discussion, and that set off a whole load of anger and hurt and I understand that I do, but to be honest it really shocked me."