Jimmy Butler Opened Up On His Last-Second Miss Against The Boston Celtics In Game 7: "I Hope I Get That Shot Back."

Jimmy Butler Opened Up On His Last-Second Miss Against The Boston Celtics In Game 7:

Credit: Jim Rassol/USA Today Sports

The NBA is a game of very fine margins, players' careers, teams' hopes, and legacies, all can swing wildly from one second to the next. Basketball, especially in the modern day, allows for teams to make up big deficits incredibly fast. And when the game is on the line, if a player steps up and makes a shot in the clutch, that's how they can achieve legendary status in the annals of the league's history. 

Jimmy Butler knows a thing or two about it, he's been a star in the NBA for a while now. Butler carried the Miami Heat to the NBA Finals in 2020 but fell short to LeBron and the Lakers, but he almost got the team back there last season. Putting up a monster series against the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals, Butler had the chance to seal a dramatic comeback and win in Game 7 but missed the final shot that might have made it happen. 

Jimmy Butler Wants That Game 7 Shot In The Dying Minutes Back

For many players, missing a shot like that can weigh on them for a long time. Not the best though, the best know that the only way to deal with it is to learn from it, then forget about it, and hit the next one. Jimmy Butler has the same mentality, and he shared as much when talking about it in a recent interview. 

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"Man, after I did the media afterwards, I played hard, I did everything in. my power to get us over that hump, and fell short. It is what it is, I ain't gonna sulk on it. What can I do at this point? Only thing I can do is look back on it and be like, 'Damn I should have shot it from half.' That would have made everybody mad, like, 'What the hell did he do that for?'

"I wish it would have been over for them (the Boston Celtics). You know, fell short. I hope I get that shot back... Every time, I hope I get it this year, I'm taking it every time."

Even though the Miami Heat didn't add the superstars they were linked with over the offseason, they still have a very dangerous team. Jimmy Butler has every chance to get back to the highest stake games, take a similar shot and sink it this time. At least then people might stop focusing on his hair so much