Jimmy Kimmel Went To Town On Rudy Giuliani’s Wild Wine Lady Witness And His Farting During A Hearing

Once again, Rudy Giuliani has proven to be a non-stop treasure trove of material for late night hosts, and Jimmy Kimmel clearly had a blast going to town on Giuliani’s latest debacle in Michigan. During another desperate hearing to somehow prove that Donald Trump won the election and is the victim of widespread voter fraud, Giuliani trotted out star witness Melissa Carone whose wild, sometimes slurring testimony became an instant viral hit. It was like watching an SNL skit come to life. On top of that, Rudy audibly farted not once, but twice during the hearing, and the whole thing was an embarrassment of riches for Kimmel.

In a video clip hilariously titled “Shart Week,” Kimmel couldn’t contain his disbelief at Carrone’s existence. “We were introduced to a new character in the Trumperverse, a woman named Melissa Carone, no relation to the virus. And I say character because I’ve watched this clip around 14 times now and I am still not convinced she’s a real person,” Kimmel quipped. After noting that Carone’s strategy seemed to confusingly involve attacking Republicans to prove that Democrats stole the election, Kimmel couldn’t help but notice her slightly off composure. “What are the odds she’s wearing a ‘Rose All Day’ tank top under that scarf? Watch your back, Judge Jeanine!”

Kimmel then moved on to Rudy passing gas, and the late night host really didn’t have to do much heavy lifting. The audible farts and Jenna Ellis’ facial expressions are all the punchline you need.

You can watch Kimmel make a meal out of the Michigan hearing at the 5:10 mark:

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)