Jon Hamm’s Hilarious Commercial Calls Out Apple TV For Not Casting Him In A Project

Literally everyone but Jon Hamm has worked with Apple TV+.

While the 50-year-old actor hilariously called out the streaming service for not giving him a series or film to star in, they did give him the lead of their brand new commercial, released Friday.

“Hey Apple, did I do something to offend you?” Hamm says in the commercial as the Apple TV app appears on his living room television screen.

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The upcoming “Top Gun: Maverick” star then lists a bunch of celebs who have their own Apple shows or movies like Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson, Tom Holland, and Billie Eilish.

“What about Jon Hamm?” the actor says. “Seriously, I could have done ‘[Ted] Lasso’.”

Hamm then talks to Tom Hanks on the phone, emphasizing how the actor has two films on Apple- “Finch” and “Greyhound”.  He especially gets frustrated when he learns Snoopy has a show on Apple instead of himself.

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Later, the commercial sees Hamm pacing around his house after viewing a preview of “Swan Song” starring Mahereshala Ali and a clone of himself.

“Two Mahershalas…kinda feels like cheating,” Hamm says. “Could’ve cloned me!”

You can watch Hamm pick on Apple some more in the video above.