Jordan Nwora Age, Height, Wikipedia, Instagram, Net Worth, Salary, Girlfriend

Jordan Nwora One of the basketball fame that enters on our list today is Jordan Nwora. Jordan is presently working on his NBA draft which happens every year in June.
Being surrounded by basketball in childhood, Jordan has eventually made a name in this field with his incredible basketball abilities and skills. 
Quick Facts: Jordan NworaName
Jordan Nwora
September 9, 1998
6 feet 7 inches
102 kg
Basketball Player
Alexander Nwora, Amy Nwora
Ronni Nwora, Caeli Nwora, Alexis Nwora
$1,208,146 (Annual)
University of Louisville
@JordanNwora 10 Facts On Jordan Nwora
Starting from this young talent’s age, Jordan Nwora is 22 years old. Jordan Nwora’s date of birth is 1998, September 9.
As a basketball player, Jordan Nwora possesses quite a height. He is 6 feet 7 inches tall which is 2.01 meters.   
Just in his 20s, Jordan Nwora has managed to book himself a spot on Wikipedia. According to Wikipedia, in his early life, he developed his basketball abilities with the help of his father.
Jordan Nwora has a verified Instagram account with a separate fanbase of 52.2k. He mostly shares snaps of his basketball games and achievements.
Though Jordan Nwora’s exact net worth has not been published on online sites. As per Spotrac, Jordan receives an annual average salary of $1,208,146.
He has been very low key when it comes to his love life. It seems the player’s focus is completely on his game. Currently, it is believed that Jordan Nwora has no girlfriend at the moment.  
Jordan was born to a Nigerian father named Alexander Nwora and a white American mother, Amy. His dad is a basketball coach. Moreover, Jordan is the eldest one among his other 3 siblings, all sisters.
According to Forbes, Jordan knows NBA All-Star Donovan Mitchell from high school. Whenever they meet, Donovan shoots him up with advice. Furthermore, he grew up around basketball and so did his sisters. One of his sisters, Ronnie plays basketball at Georgia Tech.
Nwora completed his education at the University of Lousiville in 2020. 
Recently, in November 2020, Nwora was selected by the Milwaukee Bucks with a two-year-long contract.