Kevin Hart Shares Details Of His ‘Near Death’ Backyard Camping Trip

Kevin Hart is joining Ellen DeGeneres from his “think tank” at home.

Speaking from his home office, which is covered in famous comics, Hart spoke about everything from driving his family crazy in quarantine to his “near death” backyard camping trip.

Hart expressed how it is a “blessing” to be home so much but his family is starting to find it “annoying” that he is always around and “wants to do things.”

The two also chatted about his idea to have a backyard camping trip, despite the rest of the family not wanting to do it, Hart made them. The plan was to watch some scary movies.

“By this time it was starting to get dark,” Hart recalled. “And here is the thing, did you know that rabbits look huge with a shadow because of the ears?”

That rabbit caused a “scare” which resulted in Hart declaring “we’re going to die.”

“That’s where everyone kinda got riled up,” he added. Eventually, his pregnant wife Eniko Parrish and their youngest child Kenzo, 2, went inside where Hart followed shortly later leaving Heaven, 15, and Hendrix, 12, to camp out the rest of the night.

The interview also included DeGeneres’ “Burning Questions,” where Hart raised $10,000 for his charity, Help From the Hart.