Kyrie Irving In 2020: Paid $1.5M Of WNBA Players Salary, Donated $323K To Meals To NY Families, Donated Food And 50K Masks, Bought A Home For George Floyd’s Family

Kyrie Irving has been under fire in recent days for his decision to miss a couple of games with the Brooklyn Nets. It was early in the season when the point guard decided to stop playing with his team due to “personal reasons.” Some people believed he was protesting the US Capitol riots last January 6.

Well, Kyrie was spotted partying maskless with his father and sister and the public started attacking him again, throwing shade at Kyrie for his attitude just when he started showing good things with Kevin Durant. Now he’s ready to make his return to the roster after being fined and giving up over $800K for missing a series of games.

The Kyrie slander keeps happening around the league, with some people asking the Nets to trade him, but others have defended the player. After Stephen Jackson revealed that Kyrie had bought a house for George Floyd’s family, one NBA fan listed off all the things Kyrie has done in the past year that hasn’t received the same comments he received when he talked against the NBA bubble or when he decided to leave the Nets.

In 2020 we learned that Kyrie

1. Paid $1.5M of WNBA players salary’s who opted out

2. Donated $323K to meals for NY families

3. Partnered with Nike to donate 17 pallets of food and 50K masks to Standing Rock Sioux reservation

4. Bought a home for the George Floyd’s family

Kyrie has been very active in social media matters and that’s a reality. However, people don’t understand why he decides to take some attitudes and made some questionable decisions mid-season. A lot of people have attacked Irving in the last couple of days and that doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. Kyrie has done a lot of good things for a lot of people but his decisions are always incomprehensible for people.

He had a great gesture with George Floyd’s family and all the people he helped in the last year but he always finds a way to get people talking bad about him.